Politika (Политика) is a Serbian newspaper. It is considered the Serbian newspaper of record and is the oldest daily on the Balkans, having been founded on 25 January, 1904 by Vladislav Ribnikar. It is currently published by Politika Newspapers and Magazines (PNM), a joint venture between Politika A.D., a privately owned company, and Waz, with each party holding 50% of the capital. Politika Newspapers and Magazines also publishes daily sport magazine Sportski žurnal, very popular magazine about computers and new technologies Svet kompjutera (Computer World in English) and other numerous periodical publications, including Politikin zabavnik, which was founded in 1939. In Serbia and Montenegro about 1,100 newsstands are owned by PNM.

From its inception, Politika opened its pages to the prominent individuals within Serbian, and later Yugoslav society. Some of its more notable contributors included: Branislav Nušić, Ivo Andrić, Vasa Popović, Zuko Džumhur, Ljubomir Vukadinović, Miroslav Radojčić, Moše Pijade, etc.

"RTV Politika" was founded in 1990 and is majority owned by Politika A.D., mentioned above. It had its own broadcasting frequencies and transmitters that covered most of the territory of Serbia and more than 90% of the population of Serbia. The station didn't receive a new license and had to stop broadcasting in 2007.

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