Police, Camera, Action!

Police Camera Action!

Police, Camera, Action! is a police video programme made by Optomen Television for Carlton Television, and is broadcast on ITV and ITV4. It was presented by Alastair Stewart alone from 1994 to 2002, and by Alastair Stewart and Adrian Simpson from 2007.

About the show

Each episode has a subtitle relating to the type of police video footage such as "Safety Last" or "Driven to Distraction". It typically features police footage and occasional media footage relating to bad driving and road crime. However, this has not always been so, with special episodes "The Liver Run" (featuring the Metropolitan Police) and "The Man Who Shot OJ", focusing on the work of helicopter cameraman and pilot Bob Tur in Los Angeles. This episode also looked at the controversies behind the O.J. Simpson trial. In later series of the show, footage from Bob Tur and the Los Angeles News Service would feature more prominently in certain episodes.

The first episode broadcast in 1994 was known as Police Stop!, which was also the name of a similar police programme available initially on VHS video and later on Sky1. To this date, it is the only episode not to be repeated on Men & Motors or ITV4. A spin off book of the series was released in 1996 by Ebury Press, which was written by Peter Gillbe with a foreword by Alastair Stewart and which featured police footage of bad driving. The book had some footage stills which were not shown on the TV episodes.


In 2003 Alastair Stewart's contract to present Police Camera Action! was ended due to a second drink-driving conviction in Winchester, Hampshire. This delayed transmission of some unaired episodes until January 17, 2006. However, Alastair returned to introduce the series from a studio on Monday September 24, 2007, joined by Adrian Simpson, who reported from location and provided voice-overs to the clips. A week before the new series began, there was a special 'Ultimate Pursuits/Best of Police Camera Action!' edition, presented by Stewart himself. The show looked back at the best bits of the show's 13 year history.

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