Polars is the debut album from Dutch metal band, Textures. It was produced, mixed, recorded, and mastered entirely by the band themselves, and was issued on Listenable Records in 2003. The label re-issued the album in 2004 with slightly different cover art (adding images of machinery and gears) and in some cases, a different casing.

The album only has 8 songs, the final two being around 19 and 15 minutes respectively. The sixth and eight song are wholly ambient with assorted sound effects - worlds apart from most metal bands. Most of the other tracks bear hallmarks of thrash and progressive metal, with some death metal and hardcore elements. It is also their only album featuring vocalist Pieter Verpaalen, who was replaced by Eric Kalsbeek for their second release.

The CD also features the video for Ostensibly Impregnable.

Track listing

  1. "Swandive" - 5:09
  2. "Ostensibly Impregnable" - 3:21
  3. "Young Man" - 3:59
  4. "Transgression" - 4:20
  5. "The Barrier" - 2:55
  6. "Effluent" - 3:12
  7. "Polars" - 18:25
  8. "Heave" - 14:34


  • Textures - Composition, Lyrics, Production, Mixing
  • Jochem Jacobs - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Mastering, Mixing, Recording
  • Stef Broks - Drums
  • Dennis Aarts - Bass
  • Bart Hennephof - Guitar, Artwork
  • Pieter Verpaalen - Lead Vocals
  • Richard Rietdijk - Mixing, Synthesizer, Recording
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