• An action of tapping and/or softly jabbing another person using a finger to gain their attention.

Poke, Poké or POKE may refer to:

  • POKE, a BASIC programming language command
  • Poke (game), a card game
  • Poke (gesture), different definition for pricking someone with a pointed finger, most of the time used for teasing or showing a certain compassion
  • Poke (Hawaii), a dish from Hawaiian cuisine, cubed raw fish served as an appetizer
  • Poke (Cook Islands), a dish from the Cook Islands known as Po'e
  • A character from the science fiction novel Ender's Shadow
  • A fossil word for sack, bag, purse, budget, etc., as in "a pig in a poke." Still used in the literal sense in some American dialects
  • Pokeweed or Poke root, several perennial plants in the Phytolacca genus, the Southern United States dish known as "poke salad"
  • Poke, a feature on Facebook where a user can try to get another person to notice him or her
  • Poke, a Cincinnati based Folk/Punk/Rock band, formerly Filthy McNasty

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