also called pokeberry or poke

Strong-smelling shrublike plant (Phytolacca americana) with a poisonous root resembling the shape of horseradish, native to wet or sandy areas of eastern North America. It has white flowers, reddish black berries, and dark green leaves that often are red-veined or borne on red leafstalks. The berries contain a red dye used to colour wine, candies, cloth, and paper. Like the roots, the red or purplish mature stalks are poisonous. Very young green shoots (up to about 6 in. [15 cm]), however, are edible.

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  • An action of tapping and/or softly jabbing another person using a finger to gain their attention.

Poke, Poké or POKE may refer to:

  • POKE, a BASIC programming language command
  • Poke (game), a card game
  • Poke (gesture), different definition for pricking someone with a pointed finger, most of the time used for teasing or showing a certain compassion
  • Poke (Hawaii), a dish from Hawaiian cuisine, cubed raw fish served as an appetizer
  • Poke (Cook Islands), a dish from the Cook Islands known as Po'e
  • A character from the science fiction novel Ender's Shadow
  • A fossil word for sack, bag, purse, budget, etc., as in "a pig in a poke." Still used in the literal sense in some American dialects
  • Pokeweed or Poke root, several perennial plants in the Phytolacca genus, the Southern United States dish known as "poke salad"
  • Poke, a feature on Facebook where a user can try to get another person to notice him or her
  • Poke, a Cincinnati based Folk/Punk/Rock band, formerly Filthy McNasty

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