Poetica is a 2005 (and the first) album by the New York City based house music act iiO.

The album was delayed a couple times, and finally released in March 2005, and June 2006 worldwide. It includes as many as six singles, of which four were released before the album ("Rapture", "At the End", "Smooth" and "Runaway"). "Kiss You" was released alongside the album, and "Is It Love" in August 2006. The album consists of 15 tracks and a US re-release also includes a 16th track, "Kiss You" [Bailey Edit], the edited version of Frank Bailey's Club Mix of the song, which, in contrast to the Club Mix, was not included in the "Kiss You" single,.

Track listing

  1. "Rapture" - 4:15
  2. "At the End" - 3:39*
  3. "Smooth" - 4:33
  4. "Runaway" - 3:39
  5. "Kiss You" - 4:20
  6. "Chastity" - 9:29
  7. "Tantric" - 3:34
  8. "Rebel" - 5:14
  9. "Is It Love" - 4:32
  10. "Be It" - 6:16
  11. "Give It Up" - 6:51
  12. "Hangin On" - 3:25
  13. "The One" - 4:38
  14. "What a Way" - 4:05
  15. "Poetica" - 1:47
  16. "Kiss You" [Bailey Edit] - 3:47 (US re-release only)
  17. Note: The track list on the back of the cd mistakenly states the track's length to be 6:25. It is possible that the "Midnite Extended Mix" (of the same length) was primarily intended to be on the album instead of the original, since, along with the "Midnite Radio Edit", they were the versions that the public was more familiar with due to the amount of airplay they had received on radio stations and clubs all over the world after the single was released on 2002.

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