Poemas Y Versos Cortos Y Chistosos

Flik Y'Self Off Y'Self

Flik Y'Self Off Y'Self is the second full-length album released by New Zealand band, HLAH.

Flik Y'Self Off Y'Self features two singles, 'Spanish Goat Dancer' and 'Faster Hooves'.

Track listing

  1. "Chalkface"
  2. "Spanish Goat Dancer"
  3. "Oily Rag"
  4. "Raw Sock"
  5. "Pops Pox n Vox"
  6. "Dirteater"
  7. "Hoarse"
  8. "Kissy Kissy"
  9. "Faster Hooves"
  10. "1 Pound 2 Pound"
  11. "Rabbit"
  12. "Nos Feratoo"
  13. "Theme To Nincomjool"
  14. "Velvet Kushin"
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