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Podolsk, city (1989 pop. 209,000), central European Russia, on the Pakhra River, a tributary of the Moskva. The center of a fertile agricultural region, Podolsk is a rail terminus and lies on the main highway from Moscow to the Crimea. There are electrotechnical industries and factories that produce heavy machinery, cement, and cables. The medieval village of Podolsk was a fief of the Danilov monastery in Moscow until 1764 and received a city charter in 1781. Prior to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Podolsk was a frequent meeting place for Lenin and other revolutionaries. The city has a Lenin museum and numerous educational establishments.

Podolsk (Подо́льск) is an industrial city and the administrative center of Podolsky District of Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is located on the Pakhra River (a tributary of the Moskva River). It is the biggest city in Moscow Oblast, with a population of 180,963 (2002 Census); 209,178 (1989 Census); 183,000 (1974); 129,000 (1959); 72,000 (1939).

The city of Podolsk grew out of the village Podol, which in the 18th century belonged to the Danilov Monastery in Moscow. Podolsk was granted the status of city by Catherine II in 1791. At that time, Russia was establishing the major country districts, appointing governors and establishing new cities.

Before the Russian Revolution, Podolsk was among one of the most industrialized cities in Russia. A Singer factory producing sewing machines was established here.

The Ulyanov family used to live in Podolsk. Vladimir Lenin visited the city a number of times and even had a small estate and cottage there. In 1900, he held a meeting in Podolsk with the social democrats from Moscow and other cities to win their support for the Iskra newspaper, which had already been in the making.

In 1971, Podolsk was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. In the Soviet times, Podolsk was one of the industrial giants in Moscow Oblast. At that time there were more than seventy factories operating in the city. Most of the citizens were working at these plants.

In 2000 a major military base was formed .07 miles from town (Microyone) 1 its is currently commanded under Igor Minin

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