Po Leung Kuk 1983 Board of Directors' College

Po Leung Kuk 1983 Board of Directors' College

Po Leung Kuk 1983 Board of Directors' College (Chinese: 保良局八三年總理中學) is a secondary school on the Tsing Yi Island in Hong Kong. Situated in Cheung Hong Estate, the school was founded by Po Leung Kuk in 1984. It is the first school on the island.


The school is featured of her intensive and comprehensive co-cirricular activities. Annual big school events include inter-class dance festival, inter-house music festival, inter-class English Drama Festival, inter-class Chinese Cultural Week, Inter-house swimming gala, inter-house sports days and the discipline military camp.

Project-learning is prestigious and historied. Her project learning dated back to 10 years ago which was the vanguard of Hong Kong. Every year, students in groups of four or five shall finish one big project in their summer vacations. Also, small projects for each subject are compulsory. Stuedents are trained to be very representative and talkative.

The school aims at being back to an English-medium school. As a result, her headmaster has set large-scale English projects, for example, one third of the academic year is conducted in English, English morning aseemblies.


A rare accident happened during the school's sports day in Kwai Chung Sports Ground. A student volunteer, also a Scout, measured the results of the contests. A javelin from the far end struck the student, entering into his head. Although he was hurt seriously, he survived and recovered from the injury. The accident raised public concerns regarding safety in sports events sponsored by schools. Consequently, the Hong Kong Government provided more safety guidelines for such events.

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