Pneumatic refuse collection

Automated Vacuum Collection

The Automated Vacuum Collection (AVAC) system, also called "pneumatic refuse collection", transports waste at high speeds through underground tunnels to a building where it is compacted, sealed in containers and then carted away.

Several such systems exist in the world, particularly in the most modern countries of Scandinavia and Asia. In the U.S.A. only Disney World and Roosevelt Island utilise this technology.

Planned systems


A system is planned to be installed in the new Jätkäsaari residential neighbourhood in Helsinki. All housing cooperatives and other apartment buildings are obliged to join the network. The system envisioned for Jätkäsaari would help facilitate the separation and recycling of waste.

Each building will have a collection point with up to five wastebins or tubes, each for different types of waste and with the capacity to store several parcels of waste. The underground tube network would act in a manner similar to a packet switched telecommunication network, transporting one kind of waste at a time. Once an input bin is filled, or capacity is available, it is transferred to the central collection site combined with the same class of waste.

North America

A system is planned for a new City Center development in Carmel, Indiana. It would service condominiums, businesses, and a hotel. The city of Montreal has also announced plans for an automated vacuum collection system for its Quartier des Spectacles entertainment district, now under construction.


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