List of minor Foundation series characters


This is a list of minor characters in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series.

Bor Alurin

Bor Alurin Foundation The sole member of the Second Foundation to be present amongst the initial members of the First Foundation. He taught Salvor Hardin the basics of psychohistory, although the latter left for politics before he completed his training.

Pelleas Anthor

He was originally introduced as a researcher in electroencephalographic analysis.

Together with Toran Darell II, Joe Turbor, Dr. Elvett Semic and Homir Munn, he sets about using information obtained from brain scans to find the Second Foundation, and to eventually destroy it.

However, it turns out that he is in fact a Second Foundation agent who had infiltrated the group to monitor, and if possible control, the direction of the dangerous actions being taken. In a twist within a twist, he was actually part of a Second Foundation deception led by Preem Palver.

Lors Avakim

Lors Avakim Foundation Lawyer to Gaal Dornick when the Commission of Public Safety arrested Gaal Dornick. Used a static field to block out the Commission of Public Safety by using a pocket recorder.

Ducem Barr

Ducem Barr (Second Foundation) is the sixth son of Onum Barr, and enlisted in the fleet as a gunner under an assumed name in order to exact revenge. Forty years after this, he becomes an unwilling advisor to Bel Riose, before the Trader Lathan Devers and he escape and attempt to frame Riose as a traitor.

Onum Barr

Onum Barr is a patrician of the old Galactic Empire of Trantor, and a senator of Siwenna. He had six sons, five of whom died after being betrayed in a rebellion; his only daughter committed suicide around the same time.

Whilst living quietly and in poverty in exile, Onum meets with Hober Mallow, who thinks that Siwenna is still the provincial capital; that position has been taken by Orsha II. Onum helps Mallow obtain information on the Atomic power of the planet, and is repaid with a box of provisions.

Harla Branno

Harlo Branno Foundation's Edge Mayor of Terminus during the Eighth Seldon Crisis.

Lady Callia

Lady Callia (Second Foundation) is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series. She is the consort of the Lord Stettin and appears to be a typical bimbo, except she is now getting on in age a little. Arkady Darell uses her to persuade Lord Stettin to allow Homir Munn access to the Mule's palace for research purposes. She does this by dropping hints to Lady Callia that Lord Stettin may be in line to rule the galaxy. Lady Callia passes the information along.

Lady Callia then helps Arkady escape Lord Stettin, who keeps Homir hostage while he sets his plans in motion. Arkady initially thinks (rightly), based on Lady Callia's information, that Lord Stettin may be interested in her as a new consort. Despite being only 14 at the time, a relationship with an established Foundation family might help Lord Stettin. So it appears that Lady Callia is just removing her as a rival. However, in the last seconds of their parting, Arkady realises there is a lot more to Lady Callia than meets the eye, and that she is in fact a member of the Second Foundation, and is subtly manipulating the power on Kalgan.

Linge Chen

Linge Chen Foundation Chief commissioner of public safety, and judge of Seldon's trial. It is described as the "real" ruler of the Galaxy while the child that actually bears the title of Emperor is merely a puppet in his hands. In Foundation he is described by Hari Seldon's word as a shrewd politician: although he pubblicly disputes Seldon's prediciton of the incoming fall of the Empire, its nature of politician should make it conscious of the incoming catastrophe.

Munn Li Compor

Munn Li Compor (Foundation's Edge) He is a fellow councilor with Golan Trevize, the story's protagonist. Compor's family come from a small world called Comporellon in the Sirius Sector.

Compor betrays Trevize to the Mayor, and also follows him in his search for the Second Foundation. He is also an agent of the Second Foundation, with limited powers but able to report back on new developments. This is a new category of Second Foundationer, created after the near-disaster involving the Mule, whose importance was missed until it was almost too late.

Well-meaning, but weak, his role is secondary. He does, however, give Trevize a vital clue about the location of Earth by directing him to Comporellon, which he visits in Foundation and Earth.

Lundin Crast

Lundin Crast Foundation Member of the Board of Trustees of the Encyclopedia Committee.

Toran and Bayta Darell

Toran and Bayta Darell are fictional characters in Isaac Asimov's The Foundation Series of stories and novels. Toran was born on Haven and married Bayta, of Terminus and a descendant of Hober Mallow. They are sent by the government of the Independent Trading Worlds to Kalgan to seek possible support from the Mule. There they rescue a small man who calls himself “Magnifico” and return to Terminus. It falls to the Mule, and they then flee to Haven with Ebling Mis, and then to Trantor. There, Mis attempts to find the Second Foundation, being driven by the mule’s psychological control. Bayta realizes that Magnifico is the Mule and kills Mis before he can reveal the location, for which she becomes a Foundation hero. Their son is Toran Darell II, and his daughter is Arkady Darell.

Toran Darell II

Toran Darell II is the son of Toran and Bayta Darell and the father of Arkady Darell, and was known for his advances in electroencephalographic analysis.

Together with Pelleas Anthor, Joe Turbor, Dr. Elvett Semic and Homir Munn, he tried to locate the Second Foundation in hopes of eventually destroying it.

He discovered that the mental manipulations by the Second Foundation left a detectable pattern in brain wave activity, and called it a “Tamper Plateau.” Using this, he could determine who had been directly affected by the Second Foundation. With Semic, he developed a mind static device capable of protecting against this, and further refined it into a weapon against Second Foundationers. With the use of this, he and the First Foundation seemingly destroy the Second Foundation; the small group that is revealed is a decoy, though, and the Second Foundation survives on Trantor.

Lord Dorwin

Lord Dorwin Foundation He is a representative of the Galactic Empire, and arrives on Terminus in response to their appeal for military support. He has previously negotiated treaties with neighboring systems that grant them autonomy.

Lord Dorwin has an interest in the origins of the human species, trying to determine if it began on a single planet, and, if so, which. He mentions 'Sol', Sirius, Alpha Centauri, 61 Cygni and Arcturus. Since humans still used Earth's day and year , it seems odd that Earth's status can be in doubt. Although he claims to have an interest in science he does not wish to conduct active research (as suggested by Hardin when he asks if he plans to visit any of the possible originating planet) but rather base his studies on the work of scholars dead many centuries before. Asimov marks this as a sign of stagnation of science outside Foundation (see Hardin's word in next chapter).

Salvor Hardin secretly records what the man has said, discovering that he has spent five days supposedly negotiating, without actually saying anything. Because of this Hardin considers him a highly skilled diplomat.

Because of his interest in the origins of humanity, his name is a reference to Charles Darwin.

Jord Fara

Jord Fara Foundation A member of the board of trustees of the Foundation of the Encyclopedia Galactica in its early years.

Yate Fulham

Yate Fulham Foundation Member of the Board of Trustees of the Encyclopedia Committee.

Mayor Indbur III

Mayor Inbur III (Foundation and Empire). He was a one time ruler of the Foundation. His grandfather, Inbur I, seized power and was described as brutal and capable. He removed the last remnants of free elections, and his father Inbur II, was described as only half of Indbur I: he was merely brutal. Mayor Inbur III was described as having neither trait, and was basically a bookkeeper in the wrong job. He was obsessed by order and detail, and lacked the bigger picture.

He dispatched Captain Han Pritcher to investigate taxes on Haven which the Captain ignored. He also met with Ebling Mis who alerted him to the fact a Seldon Crisis was about to occur.

Yohan Lee

Yohan Lee Foundation One of Salvor Hardin's advisors and friends.

Jenarr Leggen

Jenarr Leggen is originally introduced as a meteorologist at Streeling University. His contributions to meteorology pale before what has ever since been known as the Leggen Controversy. That his actions helped to place Hari Seldon in jeopardy is indisputable, but argument rages–and has always raged–as to whether those actions were the result of unintentional circumstance or part of a deliberate conspiracy. The suspicions that were raised helped poison Leggen’s career and private life in the years that followed.

King Lepold I

King Lepold I Foundation King of the Anacreonian Empire. He is descirbed as a young not yet of age more interested in hunting that in ruling the planet. His uncle prince Prince Regent Wienis is the current Regent. The story takes place when Leopold is coming of age and he is going to be crowned. Prince Wiens convinces him to attack Foundation in order to become ruler of the whole Galaxy. Leopold although not blindly trusting Wienis agrees. When Wienis' plan is defeated by Foundation he is forced to accept the actual rule of Foundation's Priesthood.

Publis Manilo

Foreign Secretary to Jorane Sutt and Primate of the Church, Purveyor of the Holy Food, and Master of the Temples.

Homir Munn

Homir Munn is a librarian, and owns one of the biggest collections of information about the Mule.

Munn is one of a group of conspirators who plan to find the location of the Second Foundation. Together with Toran Darell II, Pelleas Anthor, Joe Turbor, Dr. Elvett Semic they set about piecing together the evidence.

He agrees to go on a mission to Kalgan to find information about the second foundation from the Mule's palace. Arkady Darell, then 14, decides to be a stowaway on the flight, to take part in the adventure. Munn discovers her presence mid-trip, when her bladder can no longer take the pressure. However she quickly persuades him that it is a good idea to have her along, and likewise persuades her father too, that her presence makes the whole trip appear more natural.

When at Kalgan, Munn, with Arkady's help, manages to persuades Lord Stettin to allow him access to the Mules palace for research purposes. Subsequently he unwittingly causes a war with the Foundation at Terminus, although the real cause is a combination of Arkadys machinations reinforced by Lady Callia.

He discovers the magnitude of the Mule's search for the Second Foundation and after the war finishes, returns to Terminus, convinced that the Second Foundation never existed.

Stettin Palver

Stettin Palver studied history at the University of Langano. He was an accomplished student of a Heliconian martial art known as "Twisting," and was initially hired by Wanda Seldon to be Hari Seldon's bodyguard because of this. He was later found to share mentalic powers with Wanda, and became a member of the early Second Foundation. After this discovery, he worked on the Seldon Plan along with Gaal Dornick, reporting directly to Seldon on its refinement.

One of his distant descendants was Preem Palver, a First Speaker of the Second Foundation.

Jord Parma

Appears to be a priest, but is really a member of the Korellian Secret Police.

Dr Lewis Pirenne

Lewis Pirenne Foundation Chairman of the board of trustees of the Foundation of the Encyclopedia Galactica on Terminus, about fifty years after its establishment. Salvor Hardin eventually takes over when it is clear that the Foundation needs to be led by a politician rather than a scientist.

Anselm haut Rodric

Anselm haut Rodric ( Foundation) The sub-prefect of Pleuma and Envoy Extraordinary of his highness of Anacreon. He visits the foundation to offer it protection in exchange for other services. A veteran of several conflicts with the kingdom of Smyrno, he is an image of the beginnings of barbarism within the periphery of the galaxy during the fall of the 1st Galactic Empire. Haut Rodric was tasked with informing the rulers of the Foundation with the true intentions of the Kingdom of Anacreaon, and to determine the scope and nature of the Foundation's control of Terminus.

Dr Elvett Semic

Dr. Elvett Semic Second Foundation A physicist who works with Toran Darell II to make a mind static device

Sef Sermak

Sef Sermak Foundation A young "Actionist" politician who tries to convince Salvor Hardin to change his policies; it is implied that he later becomes Mayor. His name may be an allusion to Anton Cermak, who was the mayor of Chicago and (briefly) one of the most powerful local politicians in America.

Quindor Shandess

Quindor Shandess Foundation's Edge 25th First Speaker of the Second Foundation.

Jorane Sutt

Secretary to the Mayor of the Foundation in Hober Mallow's time.

Tomaz Sutt

Tomaz Sutt Foundation Member of the Board of Trustees of the Encyclopedia Committee.

Jole Turbor

A journalist and one of the conspirators with Toran Darell II, Semic and Munn.

Jaim Twer

One of the first outlanders to receive a Foundation education. Journeys with Hober Mallow, and campaigned for trader recognition on the Foundation council.

Poly Verisof

Poly Verisof Foundation High Priest of Anacreon that leads Hardin's mob to the Anacreon Royal Palace.

Prince Regent Wienis

Prince Regent Wienis Foundation The power behind the regency of Lepold I, Prince Regent Wienis attempted a military conquest of the Foundation, but is thwarted by the religion of Scientism, which gives the Foundation control of Anacreon's technology, including its military.


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