Plectrohyla sabrina

Spikethumb Frogs

Spikethumb Frogs (Plectrohyla) are a genus of frogs in the Hylidae family, and are found in Central America from southern Mexico through Guatemala, northern El Salvador to central and northern Honduras. A major revision of the Hylidae family moved an additional 21 species to this genus from the Hyla genus .


42 species are recognized in this genus:

Binomial Name and Author Common Name
Plectrohyla acanthodes Thorny Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla ameibothalame
Plectrohyla arborescandens Lesser Bromeliad Treefrog
Plectrohyla avia Greater Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla bistincta Mexican Fringe-limbed Treefrog
Plectrohyla calthula
Plectrohyla calvicollina
Plectrohyla celata
Plectrohyla cembra Southern Sierra Madre Treefrog
Plectrohyla charadricola Puebla Treefrog
Plectrohyla chryses Golden Treefrog
Plectrohyla chrysopleura
Plectrohyla crassa Aquatic Treefrog
Plectrohyla cyanomma Blue-eyed Aquatic Treefrog
Plectrohyla cyclada
Plectrohyla dasypus Honduras Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla ephemera
Plectrohyla exquisita
Plectrohyla glandulosa Forest Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla guatemalensis Guatemala Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla hartwegi Hartweg's Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla hazelae Hazel's Treefrog
Plectrohyla ixil Ixil Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla labedactyla
Plectrohyla lacertosa Pop-eyed Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla matudai Matuda's Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla miahuatlanensis
Plectrohyla mykter Keelsnout Treefrog
Plectrohyla pachyderma Semiaquatic Treefrog
Plectrohyla pentheter Mourning Treefrog
Plectrohyla pokomchi Rio Sananja Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla psarosema
Plectrohyla psiloderma
Plectrohyla pycnochila Thick-lipped Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla quecchi Las Palmas Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla robertsorum Roberts' Treefrog
Plectrohyla sabrina Sierra Juarez Treefrog
Plectrohyla sagorum Arcane Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla siopela Voiceless Treefrog
Plectrohyla tecunumani Cave Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla teuchestes Alta Verapaz Spikethumb Frog
Plectrohyla thorectes Adler's Mottled Treefrog


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