Player positions (paintball)

Player positions (paintball)

Player positions in paintball refers to the general mindsets and roles of play assumed by players of the sport. These player positions are separated into two categories based upon their respective game types: woodsball, speedball, and scenarioball (often grouped with woodsball). Of course, some players will use the terms interchangeably. Most often, the players who use the following terms interchangeably are either new players or players who are well exposed to speedball.

Woodsball player positions

  • Pointman (front)
  • Cover (mid)
  • Defence (back)

Speedball player positions

  • Frontman, sometimes simply referred to as a "fronts" which identifies players assigned to the bunkers furthest up the field off the break.
  • Mids, or mid-players are assigned to the bunkers between the front and back players.
  • Backman, collectively called "backs" or "anchors", usually you have 2 to 4 back players assigned to the row of bunkers closest to the starting point.
  • Snakeman, players that are assigned to the "snake" bunker specifically.
  • Insert, usually a mid-player assigned the role of filling in the spot of key teammates that are shot.
  • Tapeman, players that are assigned to play bunkers closest to the sideline.

Scenario specific positions

s''' hand out mission cards, direct players, and have other responsibilities depending on the scenario

  • Spies are handed specific player cards and may not be employed in certain games.
  • Medics are given a special armband. They are not allowed to heal headshots. Other wounds they heal generally by writing the wounded player's ID number down on a card they are issued at the beginning of the game.
  • Tank Driver are paintballers selected to drive a 'tank' in woodsball.
  • Demolitions are people allowed to use Rocket and Grenade launchers. These are used to eliminate Tanks, bunkers, people and occasionally buildings.
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