Plaxton Paragon

Plaxton Paragon

The Plaxton Paragon and Plaxton Panther are closely related designs of coach bodywork built by Plaxton in Scarborough, England, since 1999, and still in production as of 2008.

For part of their design life, Plaxton was part of TransBus International, during which time the designs were officially referred to as the TransBus Paragon and TransBus Panther.

The Paragon and Panther replaced the Premiere and Excalibur respectively, with the Paragon being the standard and the Panther the premium specification coach. Externally, the main distinguishing feature between the two models is the front end, which is more upright on the Paragon, although the difference is not as pronounced as that between the Premiere and Excalibur.

One important new feature of the designs was the use of a stainless steel structure, to resist corrosion and prolong vehicle life expectancy.

Body numbering

Since the 1989 build season, Plaxton's body numbering system has used a letter to identify the body style. The following letters are used for the Paragon and Panther:

  • L Panther
  • T Paragon


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