Platipus Records

Platipus Records

Platipus Records is a popular, long-running trance music record label based in London, UK. The early releases were almost exclusively limited to the label's co-owner, Simon Berry, and his various projects, including Union Jack, Clanger, and Art of Trance. Later, the label included artists like Terra Ferma, Dawnseekers, and Quietman.

Their most famous releases are the hit "Anomaly (Calling Your Name)" by BT and DJ Taylor, "Red Herring" and "Two Full Moons and a Trout" by Union Jack, and "Air" by Albion. Because of the success of "Calling Your Name" and "Madagascar" by Art of Trance in 1999, the label started to take on a more epic trance style, in stark contrast to their early releases of psychedelic and acid trance. They also featured many releases from Pob.

Since then, sublabels Gekko and Platipus Euro have been established, showcasing more progressive and uplifting styles, respectively. Artists featured on Platipus Euro include Neo & Farina and RAH.

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