Platform magic

Platform magic

Platform magic (also known as "parlor magic," "club magic" or "cabaret magic") is that aspect of magic that fits conveniently between stage illusions and close-up magic. It is more intimate than stage magic because it doesn't require expensive, large-scale stage equipment and can thus be performed closer to one's audience and while standing on the same level as them. In addition, parlor magicians usually perform for largish crowds without the benefit of a full-scale theatrical stage. On the other hand, many of the tricks performed by parlor magicians are sufficiently angle-sensitive as to make them impossible to perform as close as micromagicians.

Though it's true T.A. Waters in his Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians referred to "parlor magic" as a pejorative that implied "an effect under discussion is not suitable for professional performance," most magicians do not have such a poor opinion of this branch of magic. In fact, most working magicians are parlor/platform magicians.

Most magicians generally prefer the term "platform magic" rather than "parlor magic." Their presentation style is usually comical.

Platform Magicians

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