Planets Funniest Animals

The Planet's Funniest Animals

The Planet's Funniest Animals is a United States television program featured on the Animal Planet cable channel. Following a similar format as America's Funniest Home Videos and others, the program shows a series of home movies on video submitted by viewers featuring humorous and odd behavior by pets and animals that are voiced over by the host, who usually describes the action in the clips in a funny way. However for some clips is a laugh track used instead of the studio audience. The show was originally hosted by Animal Planet announcer Matt Gallant until 2005 and is now hosted by MADtv cast member Keegan-Michael Key. In 2005, there was a studio audience in this set. The show's regular features include "Ani-Mail", where the host reads "letters from viewers" (it has not been verified that the letters read on the show are sent from actual viewers) and shows clips demonstrating his reply. The show is also looked down upon by fans of other home video shows, due to Funniest Pets lacking any comedic value and if it does it is usually ruined by voice overs.

A British version of the show was also created by Brad Lachman Productions with the same set, music and the same canned laughter. Hosted by GMTV's Richard Arnold, it is often shown on ITV1 and ITV2. The UK version has a few added features, such as a post bag, where viewers send in their funny stories, and they would be read out on the show.

Getting on the show

In order to get onto the show, you need a video. Send it in at Once sent in, a few months later you might receive an envelope saying your video is considered for the show. A few more months later, there might be a package in your mailbox with $100.00 and a t-shirt!

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