Pio Poli Tin Kiriaki

Pio Poli Tin Kiriaki

Poly Tin Kyriaki (Much on Sunday), later known as Pio Poli Tin Kiriaki (Even More on Sunday) is a Greek entertainment show on Mega Channel, hosted by showman Grigoris Arnaoutoglou and Marietta Hroussala and later Kalomoira.

In its first season, the show was called "Poli Tin Kiriaki" (Much on Sunday), a pun on the classic Greek move 'Pote tin Kyriaki' (Never on Sunday) and featured Marietta Hroussala. But after a successful first season, the show was renamed, with the added "Pio" prefix in the title, making it "Pio Poli Tin Kiriaki" with Kalomoira coming in as the co-hostess.

Show Format

The show features a lot of audience interaction, as well as prize giveaways. It also visits many parts of Greece, where different events are held. It often gives away cars, and other things of that nature.

On each episode there also are 3 contestants. Those contestants have to answer various questions through out the show in order to get the biggest amount of points. In the first season, the contestant with the biggest amount of points was sent to a different part of the world. Next week, they would have to answer questions, with the new studio winer in order to continue their journey around the world. In season 2, the winner of each episode is given a ticket. This ticket gives them a spot in the final episode against all the other winners, were they will compete for a grand prize. The grand prize of season 2, is a fully paid trip to space by the show.

Show Mascot

The lovable show mascot is a live cow named "Clara". She is featured in every episode, as well as the theme of the show. Over the summer, Clara was sent to a farm were she became pregnant. Since she is pregnant, she is not part of the beginning of season 2.

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