Pingsi Line

Pingsi Line

The Pingsi Line (平溪線) is a 12.9 km long, single-track branch of the Yilan Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It runs through the Rueifang and Pingsi Townships in the Taipei County.


The railroad was originally built to transport coal. It was completed in July 1921.


All trains have through service to the Yilan Line. Most trains terminate at either Houtong or Rueifang. Other trains go as far as Badu. In addition, there is one daily train to Taipei City and Banciao City on weekends.


  • Sandiaoling: Connecting to the Yilan Line
  • Dahua (Tahua)
  • Shihfen
  • Wanggu (Wangku)
  • Lingjiao (Lingchiao)
  • Pingsi (Pinghsi)
  • Jingtong (Chingtung)


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