Pigeon John

Pigeon John is an American Underground rapper, raised in Hawthorne, California and based out of Los Angeles, California, USA.


Pigeon John is a Los Angeles area rapper who has recorded four studio albums as a solo artist, as well as several others as a member of the groups like L.A. Symphony and Brainwash Projects. Pigeon John has been featured as a collaborator on numerous other recordings with various artists. He is currently signed to Quannum Projects and has performed on several U.S. tours including Cali Comm Tour and has been featured in publications including Entertainment Weekly, VIBE, SPIN Magazine and LA Weekly. In 2006, Pigeon John was featured in an interview on National Public Radio.

In 2007, Pigeon John made his way to The Breakdown, an internet show on ItsHipHop.Tvwhere he conducted part of the interview on the toilet.

Early life

John Kenneth Dunkin (later changed to Dust) was born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA and moved to the Los Angeles County city of Inglewood, California at the age of five years old. Being a mixed-race child (half black and half white), John felt out of place in predominantly white Omaha and predominantly black Inglewood. John's mother eventually moved her family from Inglewood to the nearby city of Hawthorne, California, where John attended Hawthorne High School. He currently resides with his wife Harmony in the Los Angeles suburb of Northridge, California.

Pigeon John was an avid skateboarder and would often listen to a variety of music on the radio while skateboarding, especially on the legendary Los Angeles hip-hop radio station KDAY. Early on, John was influenced by an eclectic range of artists including The Beastie Boys, De La Soul, Phil Collins, and Madonna. It was when he was only twelve years old he wrote his first rap titled "Inglewood Skater's Dream."

As a teenager, Pigeon John began performing his raps on open mic nights at the famous Good Life Cafe. The Good Life Cafe is a health food restaurant that provided a place for many underground hip-hop artists to display their talent, including Jurassic 5, The Black Eyed Peas, and Freestyle Fellowship. Pigeon John's first recorded performance (credited as MC Pigeon) was a collaboration titled "Judge Not" with the artist LPG, from their 1995 album, The Earth Worm.

He claimed that his nickname was provided by Jesus who was driving around Inglewood, California: "He hopped out and handed me a dead pigeon. He whispered 'Please have a good time, you're really bumming me out.' I watched him sink back into the cushioned seats and drive, quickly away. And that's when it happened, the pigeon started shaking violently and became awake, picked up and flew away. I don't think I had a choice....its was 'pigeon' or die."

Music career

Brainwash Projects In the 1990s, Pigeon John and his childhood friend B-Twice formed the hip-hop duo Brainwash Projects. Brainwash Projects contributed the single "Muchas Muchachas" to the Christian rap compilation "Sanktifunctafyd" released by N-Soul Records in 1995. Brainwash Projects eventually released a record titled The Rise And Fall Of Brainwash Projects on the independent label Jackson Rubio. One reviewer characterized The Rise and Fall as "pure, uncut, holy hip-hop" but gave mixed reviews of its beats and lyrics.LA Symphony & Rootbeer Pigeon John and B-Twice, and now KarateE! Mouse, eventually met other like-minded young rappers and formed the hip-hop musical collective known as L.A. Symphony. Members of the L.A. Symphony have at one time or another also included members of The Halieyoos Fishermen (Sharlok Poems, Trendi M.C., and J-Beits aka Great Jason), The Eternals (Cookbook & Uno Mas), Coy (Paul "Coy" Allen), and rapper/producer Flynn Adam Atkins. Pigeon John, B-Twice, and Great Jason have since left L.A. Symphony to pursue solo careers and other projects, but are still considered part of the L.A. Symphony crew. At one time, Pigeon John and Flynn formed a side project called Rootbeer. There is at least one known studio single from Rootbeer titled "The Inevitable Return of the Pretty Boy Virgins".

Solo career

Between 1997 and 2000, Pigeon John recorded the songs that became his first solo album, Pigeon John Is Clueless. The album was released in 2001 by The Telephone Company and then re-released in 2002 by The Telephone Company/Syntax Records with 3 new tracks and new artwork. He was also responsible for the compilation project, Coalition: the Hip-Hop Alliance, in which he was the executive producer. It featured some of the most diverse artists from all over the U.S., including his alma mater group, LA Symphony, CampQuest, Relentless, New Breed, MG! the Visionary, 4th Avenue Jones, John Reuben and Count Bass D. Pigeon John then signed to Basement Records and released Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister (2003) and Pigeon John Sings the Blues (2005). In 2005, Lyrics Born saw Pigeon John on the Cali Comm Tour and brought him into Quannum Projects. That same year, Pigeon John's single "Deception" was featured on a series of Nestle Crunch commercials. In 2006, after signing to Quannum, Pigeon John released his fourth solo album, And the Summertime Pool Party. The album has received positive reviews from many sources, including LA Weekly, Entertainment Weekly and VIBE.


Studio albums

Album cover Album information
Pigeon John Is Clueless

  • Released: 2001
  • Label: The Telephone Company

Pigeon John Is Clueless (re-release)

  • Released: 2002
  • Label: The Telephone Company/Syntax
  • Singles: "Clueless"

Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister

  • Released: 2003
  • Label: Basement Records
  • Singles: "Life Goes On", "Originalz"
  • Videos: "Life Goes On", "Hello Everybody"

Pigeon John Featuring Pigeon John

  • Released: 2004
  • Label: The Telephone Company

Pigeon John Sings the Blues

Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party

  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Quannum Projects
  • Videos: "Freaks! Freaks!" (Directed by: Paul "Coy" Allen)

Pigeon John Featuring Pigeon John 2

  • Released: 2007
  • Label: The Telephone Company

Guest appearances

Artist Title Album Year
4th Avenue Jones "U Rockin'" Hiprocksoul 2003
Acid Reign "Never Fold" Time and Change 2006
Adventure Time "Whetting Whistles" Dreams of Water Themes 2003
Apsci "Stompin'" Thanks for Asking 2005
Blackalicious "Side to Side" The Craft 2005
Bobby Bishop "Show Love" Government Name 2005
Braille "It Won't Last" Shades of Grey 2004
Cheap Cologne "Barry Manilow Is Alive and Well" Something Random 2005
CookBook & UNO Mas "Take Control" While They Slept 2006
Crankcase "The Next Big Thing" - 2003
Daedelus "Something Bells" Something Bells EP 2006
DJ Maj "Golden Motorcycle" Wax Museum: the Mixtape 2000
DJ Maj "God Music" The Ringleader: Mixtape Volume III 2003
Dj Stibs "WildNights" ...And I Love Her 2007
Fat Jack "Pay Back" Cater to the DJ Vol. 2 2004
Flipside "Sunny Days" - 1999
Flynn "Spanish Harlem" Louder 1998
Flynn "Endless Maze" Burnt Out 2001
Freedom of Soul "Not This Record" The Second Comin' 1993
Future Shock "Paperweights" The Art of Xenos - Entertaining Aliens 2002
Grayskul "Dance The Frantic" Bloody Radio 2007
Grits "Open Bar" Redemption 2006
Grits "You Said" Redemption 2006
The Grouch & Eligh "More Greener" No More Greener Grass 2003
Heath McNease "Love Me" The Heath McNease Fan Club Meets Tonight 2007
Hi-Fidel & DJ Crucial "Small Victories" FF Express: The Company of Wolves 2007
Mr. J. Medieros "Money" Of Gods and Girls 2007
Joey the Jerk "Same Dark Sweater" Average Joe 2004
JRemy "You Don't Know Me" Backwoods Legend 2006
Kiz Charizmatic "The Hype, The Hustle" Rawthentic 2003
KJ-52 "Revenge of the Nerds" Collaborations 2002
KJ-52 "All Around The World" 7th Avenue ('04 Edition) 2004
KJ-52 "Revenge of the Nerds (Horns A Plenty Remix)" Remixed 2006
Knowdaverbs "Call of the Dung Beetle" The Syllabus 1999
LPG "Judge Not" The Earth Worm 1995
Luke Geraty "Brandon's Folly" It's Cold Out Here 2003
Luke Geraty "Pandemonium" It's Cold Out Here 2003
Lyrics Born "I'm Just Raw (remix)" Overnite Encore: Lyrics Born Live! 2006
Mars ILL "Planes and Trains" Backbreakanomics 2003
MG! The Visionary "Scared As..." Transparemcee 2000
Mils "Upside Down" The And Album 2006
Neila "Rules" For Whom the Bells Crow 2004
Opio "Granite Earth" Triangulation Station 2005
Othello "Shallow" Alive At The Assembly Line 2006
PAX217 "Gratitude" Twoseventeen 2000
Project Blowed "The People" 10th Anniversary 2005
RedCloud "The Pigeon John Song" Is This Thing On? 2002
RedCloud "Death of a Salesman" Hawthorne's Most Wanted 2007
RedCloud "Tapatio" Hawthorne's Most Wanted 2007
.rod laver "All Around America" ''Trying Not to Try" 2000
.rod laver "The Official Pigeon John Guest Appearance" The Dialogue: Rudolph Wayne Vs. The Man 2004
Sharlok Poems "Driven By Facts" Left 2002
Shape Shifters "Little Life" Was Here 2004
Sup the Chemist "Reaching" Eargasmic Arrangements 2003
Soul-Junk "Sea Monsters and Gargoyles" 1956 2000
Tapwater "The White Man" Two Forty Five 2001
Wordburglar "Breeze" Burglaritis 2006


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