Pick System


The word Pick may refer to:

Tools and weapons

  • Pickaxe, a tool used for manual labour
  • Lock pick, a tool used for lock picking
  • Lock picking, the art of unlocking a lock without its intended key
  • Warded pick, a device for opening warded locks
  • Toothpick, a piece of wood or other substance to remove food from the teeth after a meal
  • Horseman's pick, a weapon used by cavalry units during the middle ages in Europe


Mathematics and computers

In music

  • Plectrum, a device for picking or strumming a stringed instrument
  • Guitar pick, a plectrum for a guitar
  • Fingerpicking, a technique for playing the guitar using the fingertips and/or fingernails
  • Sweep-picking, a guitar technique that involves playing one note per string




  • Cherry picking, literally meaning harvesting cherries, used metaphorically to accuse someone of pointing at individual cases which seem to confirm his or her position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases that may contradict it
  • Nose-picking, the act of extracting mucus or foreign bodies from the nose with a finger
  • Pick and roll, an offensive play in basketball
  • U-Pick Live, a show aired on Nickelodeon between 2002 and 2005
  • Pick A Box, a radio program
  • Call pick-up, a system used in office telephony
  • Pick-Up, a slang term that is commonly used in a gaming context
  • 52 Pickup, a practical joke disguised as a card game
  • 52 Pick-up, a thriller/action film starring Ann-Margret and Roy Scheider
  • Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program, named after Lewis A. Pick
  • Anglers' or fishermen's slang for the Pickhandle barracuda
  • Pickelhaube is a type of helmet
  • Pick refers to an interception in American football

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