Photovoltaic plant

Photovoltaic power station

Solar photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity and many solar photovoltaic power stations have been built, mainly in Europe. Spain has two recently completed 20 megawatt MW photovoltaic (PV) power plants, one in Jumilla and the other in Beniexama. Another recently completed 14 MW plant is located at Nellis Air Force Base in the USA. Germany has a 12 MW plant in Arnstein, and a 10 MW photovoltaic system in Pocking, with a 40 MW power station planned for Muldentalkreis. Portugal has an 11 MW plant in Serpa and a 62 MW power station is planned for Moura. A photovoltaic power station proposed for Australia will use heliostat concentrator technology, should come into service in 2010, and is expected to have a capacity of 154 MW when it is completed in 2013.

Many of these plants are integrated with agriculture and some use innovative tracking systems that follow the sun's daily path across the sky to generate more electricity than conventional fixed-mounted systems. There are no fuel costs or emissions during operation of the power stations.

World's largest photovoltaic power stations

! Name
World's largest photovoltaic (PV) power plants
Country DC Peak Power (MW) Description GW·h
Planta solar Fuente Álamo Spain 26 44
Planta fotovoltaica de Lucainena de las Torres Spain 23.2 Completed August 2008
Parque Fotovoltaico Abertura Solar Spain 23.1 47
Parque Solar Hoya de Los Vincentes Spain 23 41
Solarpark Calveron Spain 21.2 40
Planta solar fotovoltaico Calasparra Spain 20
Planta Solar La Magascona Spain 20 42
Beneixama photovoltaic power plant Spain 20 Tenesol, Aleo and Solon solar modules with Q-Cells cells 30
SinAn photovoltaic power plant South Korea 19.6 Asia's largest photovoltaic plant. Consists of 108, 864 units of Conergy STM 180F solar modules. 27
Planta de energía solar Mahora Spain 15 Completed September 2008
Nellis Solar Power Plant USA 14 70,000 solar panels 30
Planta Solar de Salamanca Spain 13.8 70,000 Kyocera panels n.a.
Parque Solar Guadarranque Spain 13.6 20
Lobosillo Solar Park Spain 12.7 Chaori an YingLi modules n.a.
Parque Solar Fotovoltaico Villafranca Spain 12 High concentration PV technology
Erlasee Solar Park Germany 12 1,408 Solon mover 14
Serpa solar power plant Portugal 11 52,000 solar modules 20
Pocking Solar Park Germany 10 57,912 solar modules 11.5
Monte Alto photovoltaic power plant Spain 9.5 14
Viana Solar Park Spain 8.7 11
Gottelborn Solar Park Germany 8.4 8.4
Alamosa photovoltaic power plant Colorado, USA 8.22 Completed December 20, 2007 17
Bavaria Solar Park in Muhlhausen Germany 6.3 57,600 solar modules 6.7
Huerta solar de Aldea del Conde Spain 6.3 Completed October 2007
Huerta Solar Crevillent Spain 6 Completed January 2008 8
Huerta Solar de Olmedilla Spain 6 Completed November 2007
Rote Jahne Solar Park

Germany 6 90,000 First Solar thin-film modules 5.7
Darro Solar Park Spain 5.8 Conergy and SunPower modules 11.6
Kameyama Japan 5.2 47,000 square meters on Sharp LCD factory roof n.a.

For comparison, the largest non-photovoltaic solar plant, the solar thermal SEGS in California has an installed capacity of 354 MW. The largest nuclear power stations generate more than 1,000 MW.

Large systems in planning or under construction

! Name
 | Cádiz solar power plant
Large systems in planning or under construction
Country DC Peak Power (MW) Description GW·h/year
Topaz Solar Farm USA 550 Thin Film Silicon from OptiSolar ** 1,100
High Plains Ranch USA 250 Monocrystaline Silicon from SunPower with tracking ** 550
Solar power station in Victoria Australia 154 Heliostat concentrator using GaAs cells from Spectrolab** 270
Moura photovoltaic power station Portugal 62 376,000 solar modules* 88
Waldpolenz Solar Park Germany 40 550,000 First Solar thin-film CdTe modules* 40
DeSoto County Florida United States 25 To be constructed by SunPower for FPL Energy, completion date 2009.*
Davidson County solar farm United States 21.5 36 individual structures**
Spain 20.1 * 36
Kennedy Space Center, Florida United States 10 To be constructed by SunPower for FPL Energy, completion date 2010.**

* Under construction; ** Proposed

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