Photoflash Battery

Photoflash Battery

Photoflash Cell (battery) - A specialized zinc-carbon cell optimized to provide a high current output for a short duration of time, such as required to fire a flashbulb. Service life for this battery in flashlight service was short, since flashlights required a lower continuous current.

Photoflash cells were in production during the flashbulb era, and were slowly phased out as alkaline cells came into general usage. The photoflash cell was produced as a 1.5 volt size D and size C cell.

The carbon cathode (the material packed between the carbon rod and zinc shell) of a zinc-carbon cell is generally made of powdered carbon black (or acetylene black), MnO2 and electrolyte. The MnO2 to carbon ratios vary between 10:1 and 3:1 for general purpose cells. A 1:1 mixture was used for photoflash batteries, for this allowed a high current output with intermittent use - just perfect for photoflash use.


Cell Construction

Photoflash Battery - A combination of individual cells are combined in series to make a battery. One zinc-carbon battery for photoflash use is available as a 510 volt unit Another is the Eveready 225V Photo Flash Carbon Zinc Battery - EVR489

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