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Starship Operators

is an anime series based upon science fiction novels written by Ryo Mizuno. The series, animated by J.C.Staff, was aired on TV Tokyo in Japan. Starship Operators is licensed in English in the United States by Geneon.

Starship Operators is about the 73rd class of the Defense University of the Planet Kibi. As they are returning home after the maiden voyage of the , they find that their home planet, Kibi, has been taken over by one of the Henrietta region's super powers, Henrietta Alliance of Planetary Nations.

The original command crew all abandon ship, as per the conquerors' demands. Left alone on the ship, the cadets decide to keep their command and fight on. To this end, they have decided to ask Galaxy Network to fund the operation of Amaterasu as a fleeing self-governed nation in exchange for letting them broadcast the ship's adventures live - as a reality TV program.

The novel's storyline also features Amaterasu finding its way through space to reach the control zone of another super power, the Henrietta Independent Federation, for protection.


The Amaterasu command structure is divided into three bridges. If the first bridge is inoperable or unavailable, any of the other two may assume command. The Operators' uniform color signifies their station.

Primary (Command) Bridge

Operator uniform color: blue

Sinon is the main protagonist and executive officer of the Amaterasu. She is a brilliant strategist in combat, often providing CO Kanzaki with a voice of reason.
Voiced by: Shizuka Itou (Japanese), Kelly Sheridan (English)

Alley is quiet and reserved, and often handles the ship-to-ship communications. She is fighting to avenge the destruction of the Maizuru that her father commanded.
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese), Paula Lindberg (English)

Miyuri is one of Sinon's close friends, and the chief astronomer. She joined the Defense Forces because the starships, in particular the Amaterasu, carry the best observatories in the galaxy.
Voiced by: Masumi Asano (Japanese), Nicole Bouma (English)

The commanding officer of the Amaterasu. He is an excellent administrator, but easily cracks under the pressures of battle.
Voiced by: Yukimasa Obi (Japanese), Andy Toth (English)

Secondary (Fire Control) Bridge

Operator uniform color: orange

The daughter of the president of a Kibi corporation called "Wakana Rare Metals".
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Ashleigh Ball (English)

Although she is one of the youngest members on board, she acts as the crew's "big sister".
Voiced by: Yuko Kaida (Japanese), Laura Drummond (English)

A short cadet who is cheerful and lackadaisical.
Voiced by: Satomi Arai (Japanese), Tabitha St. Germain (English)

The fire control chief, and commander of the second bridge. Nicknamed the "King of Fighters" among the cadets, he is also an accomplished marksman.
Voiced by: Masayuki Katou (Japanese), Kirby Morrow (English)

Tertiary (Conning) Bridge

Operator uniform color: red

An easygoing cadet who has a good sense of humor.
Voiced by: Atsuko Enomoto (Japanese), Leah Breen (English)

Text-message pals with Sinon, but an otherwise quiet young woman. She is an agent of Kibi Intelligence. She dies from gunshots from soldiers.
Voiced by: Yuu Asakawa (Japanese), Holly Eccleston (English)

She is from a family of diplomats and politicians, and brought her uncle, former Kibi Prime Minister Tatsuma Mamiya, on board as head of the government-in-exile.
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Anna Cummer (English)

The navigation control chief, and commander of the third bridge. Shinto also pilots the Amaterasu's small shuttle, and is among the best flight controllers in the Defense Forces.
Voiced by: Tomohiro Tsuboi (Japanese), Michael Coleman (English)

Other Amaterasu Crew Members

Operator uniform color: purple

Shimei Yuuki

A child prodigy, he holds mathematics and theoretical physics degrees at the age of 15. He is also the systems administrator of the AESOP computer, and is the only commissioned officer who remained on board the Amaterasu.
Voiced by: Miyu Irino (Japanese), Samuel Vincent (English)
Minase Shinohara
The ship's only medical staff, who was a trainee during the shakedown cruise.
Voiced by: Yu Kobayashi (Japanese), Rebecca Shoichet (English)
Sei Ogino
The ship's supply chief, and an expert economist.
Voiced by: Kaori Shimizu (Japanese), Sylvia Zaradic (English)
Kouki Sakakibara
The chief engineer of the Amaterasu. He is nicknamed Oyassan (Old Man) by fellow crewmates, to his annoyance.
Voiced by: Shinji Kawada (Japanese), Brian Drummond (English)

Henrietta Planetary Alliance

Admiral Dul Elroy
The commanding officer of the Alliance heavy cruiser Conquistador.
Voiced by: Hiroshi Matsumoto (Japanese), Michael Dobson (English)
Hans Georg Hermann
An intelligence officer in the Alliance military
Voiced by: Kan Tanaka (Japanese), Alec Willows (English)


Dita Mirkov
The reporter for the Galaxy Network reality show Starship Channel.
Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese), Rebecca Shoichet (English)
Peter Spikes
The cynical, sarcastic producer for Starship Channel.
Voiced by: Tomoyuki Shimura (Japanese), Paul Dobson (English)



  • Amaterasu - 3rd Freedom Guard Ship, Kibi Planetary Nation

(name origin: Amaterasu, Chief Shinto deity)
CO: Cisca Kanzaki
XO: Shinon Kouzuki
Crew: 46
Length: 310 m
Width: 105 m
Primary Armament: 4600 mm Plasma Cannon
Secondary Armament: Torpedoes/Missiles
Tertiary Armament: one "Revolver" - 5 chamber LASER cannon, one Pulse LASER, one Plasma Coil Gun
Defensive Munitions: Anti-Laser Defensive Systems
Kasumi - Magnetic wave reflection plate
(from kasumi (霞) is the Japanese word for "misty")
Ikasumi - Magnetic wave absorption fiber
Armor: Hotaru Heat Protection Plates
Sensor: Kamioka - Neutrino emission Sensor
(origin: Kamioka Observatory)
Onboard AI: AESOP (Artificial Encephalon System by Optical Processor)
Propulsion: 2 main thruster
6 sub thruster
Max acceleration 5+ G (with aux boosters)

  • Trafalgar - 21st Battleship (Destroyer Class), Henrietta Alliance (15:50 Ep 2)

(name origin: Battle of Trafalgar, British naval victory over combined French and Spanish fleets, 1805)
CO: Captain Joseph Meyer
Primary Armament: LASER cannons
Defensive Armament: 10000 mm Plasma cannon
Destroyed: EP 2

  • Maizuru - 2nd Freedom Guard Ship, Kibi Planetary Nation (07:52 Ep 3)

(name origin: Maizuru 舞鶴, JMSDF Western District fleet headquarters)
CO: Captain Hisaka Jin
Destroyed: EP 1

  • Aboukir - Stealth Ship, Henrietta Alliance (7:30 Ep 4)

(name origin: Battle of Aboukir Bay, Japanese name for Battle of the Nile British naval victory over French fleet, 1798)
CO: Admiral Ricardo Fares
Destroyed: EP 4

  • Actium - Stealth Ship, Henrietta Alliance

(name origin: Battle of Actium, Gaius Octavius' victory over Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra, 31 BC)
Primary Armament: LASER Cannon
Defenses: Invisible to active and passive sensors
Destroyed: EP 12

  • Solomon - Flagship, Henrietta Alliance

(name origin: Battles of the Solomons Sea, Japanese name for naval battles around Guadalcanal, 1942)
CO: Fleet Admiral August Perry
Appeared in novel

  • Shenlong - Battleship, Shu Planetary Nation, (12:35 EP 7)

(name origin: Shenlong, a spiritual dragon from Chinese myth or a style of Kung Fu)
CO: Captain Wong
Primary Armament: 1 Plasma Cannon
Secondary Armaments: 4 missiles
Tertiary Armaments: 4 pulse lasers, 2 pulse beams
Propulsion: 1 main thruster
2 sub thrusters
Max Acceleration: 7 G
Destroyed: EP 8

  • Conquistador - Heavy Cruiser, Henrietta Alliance, Gordova Planetary Nation (13:03 EP 7)

(name origin: Conquistador, a term used for Spanish explorer-soldiers during Spanish conquest of Americas)
CO: Admiral Dulle Elroy
Primary Armament: 1x 4000 caliber Plasma Cannon
Secondary Armament: 1x 300PM class LASER Cannon
Propulsion: 2 Main thrusters
8 sub-thrusters
Max Acceleration: 10 G
Destroyed: EP 13

  • Lissa (Dragonfly) - Warship (Skipper Class), Henrietta Alliance (13:10 EP 7)

(name origin: Battle of Lissa, Austrian naval victory over Italians, 1866)
CO: Captain Harrel Naja
Primary Armament: Lisa2 - Assault Module (pulse laser), capable of precision short-warp
Propulsion: 1 Main thruster
4 sub-thrusters
Max acceleration: 8 G
Destroyed: EP 11

  • Leyte (Hammerhead) - Armored Battleship (Corvette Class), Henrietta Alliance (13:28 EP 7)

(name origin: Battle of Leyte, Japanese name for Battle of Leyte Gulf, US naval victory 1944)
CO: Captain Yun-suk Lee
Primary Armament: 4 Separating turrets (1 plasma cannon, 3 laser cannons)
Propulsion: 1 Main thruster
4 sub-thrusters
Max Acceleration: 7 G
Destroyed: EP 8

  • Mariana (Hedgehog) - High Speed Warship (Frigate Class), Henrietta Alliance (13:35 EP 7)

(name origin: Battle of the Marianas, Japanese name for Battle of the Philippines Sea, US naval victory 1944)
CO: Admiral Louis Belmont
Primary Armaments: 4 LASER Cannons
Propulsion: 2 main thrusters
6 sub-thrusters
Max Acceleration: 9.5 G
Destroyed: EP 11

  • Levant, Recon Ship, Henrietta Alliance (19:27 EP 9)

(name origin: Battle of the Levant, Japanese name for Battle of Navarino where an Allied fleet defeated the Turkish fleet 1827)
CO: Captain Tiet Langa
Incapacitated: EP 11

  • Earth Federation Warship (EP 12)

Primary Armament: 4 LASER Cannons

Additional info - First names of ship captains from


Militaristic alliance of nations within Henrietta region of known space. It has forced several neighboring planetary nations into submission, and after securing nonagression treaties, purchases their weaponry at ridiculous bargains. Because of such practices, this alliance is nicknamed the "Kingdom".Planetary Nation of Kibi
Home of crew of Amaterasu. Currently has a pacifist administration. Surrenders to Henrietta Alliance after destruction of 2nd Guard Ship, Maizuru.Planetary Nation of Shu
Government which used to be closer to Henrietta Alliance before the Amaterasu incidents. The Amaterasu and its crew have many fans in Planet Shu.Galaxy Network
Large media corporation that finances the purchase of the Amaterasu and its crew's fight against the Henrietta Alliance, by creating a reality show based on it. Starship Channel broadcasting is based in Hollywood.Arima General Industrial (AGI) Corp.
Large conglomerate that is equivalent to today's Boeing, and the company that developed and built the Amaterasu. AGI also acts as an intermediary for sale of military hardware.
Alliance of planetary nations that competes for power with the Kingdom.
Appeared in novel.Earth Federation
A political power centered on Earth, rivaling or surpassing in power all others.


Kibi (name origin: Kingdom of Kibi, 4th century western Japanese kingdom that acted as cultural bridge between Korea and Yamato, conquered by Buyeo invaders)
Home planet of Amaterasu and its crew.Phoenicia
(name origin: ancient Phoenicia, located north of the Canaan, enterprising maritime culture, conquered by Persia)
Neutral system where Amaterasu sought temporary sanctuaryShu
(name origin: Shu (state), one of major states during China's warring states era, conquered by Qin)
Planet of origin for Captain Wong and ShenlongGordova
(name origin: Cordoba, Spain, Spanish city conquered by Moors)
Planet of origin for the Conquistador and its original crew.Palmia
(name origin: Palmyra, Ancient Syrian city, conquered by Romans)
Location of Arima General Industry (AGI) Headquarter

Theme songs

Opening theme

  • Radiance

by Mami Kawada
arranged by Tomoyuki Nakazawa

Ending theme

  • Chi ni Kaeru ~on the Earth~

arranged by Yoichi Shimada


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