Pexto tools

Pexto tools

Pexto tools were manufactured by Peck, Stowe and Wilcox in Southington, Connecticut. Among the best known types of tools they made were chisels, bit braces (used for boring holes in wood -- often simply called 'drills' today), pliers, screwdrivers, shears, squares, hammers and other metal edge tools for electricians, mechanics, woodworkers and for general use around the home. They operated from 1870 until 1950, when they were purchased by Billings and Spencer.

In 1962 Crescent Niagara Tools purchased Billings and Spencer and The Peck, Stowe and Wilcox Company incorporated again in Connecticut on April 16, 1963. "Pexto" mark was once again assigned to The Peck, Stowe and Wilcox Company. The Pexto mark continued on for industrial shears while Crescent Niagara continued the hand tool production eventually being purchased by Cooper Industries. Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co. Inc. assigned the entire interest and goodwill to Roper Industries, Inc in 1986. In 1993 Roper Industries likewise assigned all to the company now producing Pexto shears: Roper Whitney of Rockford, Inc.. Other owners existed in some of the interims as noted in the court case of Dayton vs Peck Stow and Wilcox


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