Petrie, Sir William Matthew Flinders, 1853-1942, English archaeologist, a noted Egyptologist. He excavated ancient remains in Britain (1875-80), Egypt (1880-1924), and Palestine (1927-38) and was (1892-1933) professor of Egyptology at University College, London. In 1894 he founded the Egyptian Research Account, which became (1905) the British School of Archaeology in Egypt. His most important excavations were at Memphis, but he made many other outstanding discoveries. Among these are the sites of Greek settlements at Naucratis (1885) and Daphnae (1886); tombs of the first dynasty at Abydos (1899); the stele of Merneptah at Thebes (1896), inscribed with the earliest known Egyptian reference to Israel; and ruins of 10 cities at Tel-el-Hesy (S of Jerusalem). His writings include many works on ancient Egypt, Methods and Aims in Archaeology (1904), and Seventy Years in Archaeology (1931). He edited A History of Egypt (6 vol., rev. ed. 1923-27), of which he wrote the first three volumes. A tireless and meticulous excavator, Petrie was responsible for greatly advancing the methodology of archaeology. He was particularly innovative in the interpretation of deeply stratified deposits, undertaking the seriation of undecorated pottery and demonstrating how ceramics from Egypt could be used to establish the age of archaeological strata outside Egypt, a technique known as cross-dating.

Petrie is a suburb north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Its Local Government Area is the Moreton Bay Regional Council. It is located in the North Pine River section of its local council 24 kilometres north of Brisbane City.

The origin of the suburb name is from an early inhabitant by the name of Tom Petrie. The township was named Petrie after his death. Prior to this, the area was known as North Pine. Tom Petrie was a highly regarded individual in the area through his community work and his cooperation with the local Aboriginal inhabitants.

Petrie is a suburban village with new housing developments on land which was previously used for pine plantations and agriculture. Petrie railway station provides access to regular Citytrain services to Brisbane and Ipswich, as well as Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast.

The residential estates of Frenchs Forest and Petrie-on-Pine are located in this area.


Large industries in Petrie include Boral Quarries and Amcor Paper Mill. The Gympie Road, Dayboro Road and Anzac Avenue roundabout junction and surrounding area encompass the town centre which includes retail, commerce and mechanical industries.


Tourism in Petrie is mainly focused on recreation. The North Pine Country markets operate each Sunday on Dayboro road. Recreational activities such as bushwalking, canoeing, fishing and horseriding take place. Signage at Wyllie Park on the Lawnton / Petrie border provides information relating to tourism in the area.


  • Petrie State School
  • Kurwongbah State School
  • Our Lady of the Way Catholic School
  • Mt Maria College

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