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List of alternate history fiction

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  • 1966-2005. Star Trek, has used the theme several times. Examples include: TOS- "City on the Edge of Forever" (alternate World War II outcome); Animated Series- "Yesteryear"; NG- "Yesterday's Enterprise". Enterprise- "Storm Front" where Nazis seized East Coast of America. Also, the universe of "Mirror, Mirror", while in the original episode was just inplied to be a parallel universe, was in later episodes shown to be an alternate history.
  • 1985. Otherworld, a family is transported to an alternate Earth while exploring the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • 1995-2000. Sliders, gang of scientists, musician, and others as travellers who "slide" between parallel worlds by use of a wormhole referred to as an "Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge". First episode was Soviet-ruled America after Soviets seized Americas. Other episodes were many alternate Earths as British America, Ancient Egyptian-ruled America, Spanish America, Druids-controling America, Atomic Bomb never exist, and others.
  • 1995. Spellbinder, in an alternate world static electricity is used as a power source.
  • 1997. Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon Lord, sequel to original TV show.
  • 1997. Red Dwarf, the episode Tikka to Ride deals with a time line in which John F Kennedy was never assasinated.
  • 2004-2005. Zipang, a Japanese warship is sent back in time to World War II.
  • 2006. The Best Christmas Story Never (American Dad!), Martin Scorsese gives up drugs in 1970 leading to the Soviet Union conquering America.
  • 2006. Return of the King (The Boondocks), Martin Luther King, Jr. survives his assasination.
  • 2006-2008. Heroes, The character, Peter Patrelli travels through time to attempt to alter future and past events and outcomes. Starting with the attempted assassination of his brother Nathan Patrelli because of his belief that Nathan will cause unwanted future results by his disclosure of his knowledge of super human powers and abilities.


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