Pete's Pond

Pete's Pond

Pete's Pond is a pond in Botswana named for Pete Le Roux, general manager of Mashatu Game Reserve. Le Roux created it as a watering hole in the hopes of protecting wildlife from poachers on the Limpopo River.

The pond was the site of a National Geographic "WildCam" project in 2005, which involved a high-resolution video camera recording everything that happened at the pond, with live video streaming 24 hours a day. During the daytime, various animals, including elephants, warthogs, baboons, crocodiles, birds and monkeys can be seen in and around the pond. At night, the pond is sometimes visited by various big cats, canines, hyenas, a variety of smaller carnivores, rodents and aardvarks.

The site is back up for the dry season of 2008.

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