Person Pitch

Person Pitch

Person Pitch is the third solo album released by Animal Collective member Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox), released on March 20, 2007. The album was released to high critical acclaim.

Release history

Five of the seven tracks on the album were released prior to the album, some of them with different mixing and/or lengths. "I'm Not" and "Comfy in Nautica" were released together as a double A-side single in 2005. "Bro's" was released as a single on Fat Cat Records in late 2006. "Good Girl / Carrots" was released in early 2007 on a split 12" with the band Excepter via Animal Collective's own label Paw Tracks (on the single, the song is called, simply, "Carrots"). "Search for Delicious" was featured in 2005 on Volume 14 of music magazine Comes With a Smile's CD compilations. Finally, "Take Pills" was released as a 7" single on June 19, 2007. Despite Lennox's initial assertion that Person Pitch would be issued only on CD, it was announced shortly after its release that it would in fact be pressed on vinyl; the double LP was released on June 19.

The album was recorded by Lennox and was mixed by Rusty Santos. Recorded using mostly samplers, the album is stylistically a large step away from Panda Bear's last album, Young Prayer, which was written and recorded after Lennox's father's death. Person Pitch exhibits a much brighter sound, due in part to its influences of Lennox's move to Portugal, marriage, and first born child Nadja.

The influential music websites Pitchfork Media and Tiny Mix Tapes both ranked Person Pitch the best album of 2007.

Track listing


  1. "Comfy in Nautica" - 4:04
  2. "Take Pills" - 5:23
    • Contains a sample of "Always Coming Back to You" performed by Scott Walker
    • Contains a sample of "Popeye Twist" performed by The Tornados
  3. "Bro's" - 12:30
    • Contains a sample of "Red Roses and a Sky of Blue" performed by The Tornados
    • Contains a sample of "I've Found a Love" performed by Cat Stevens
  4. "I'm Not" - 3:59
  5. "Good Girl/Carrots" - 12:42
    • Contains a sample of "Ananas Symphonie" performed by Kraftwerk
  6. "Search for Delicious" - 4:53
  7. "Ponytail" - 2:05


Side A

  1. "Comfy in Nautica" - 4:04
  2. "Take Pills" - 5:23

Side B

  1. "Bros" - 12:30

Side C

  1. "Good Girl / Carrots" - 12:42

Side D

  1. "I'm Not" - 3:59
  2. "Search for Delicious" - 4:53
  3. "Ponytail" - 2:05


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