Perlur og svin

Perlur og svín

Perlur og svín (meaning "Pearls and pigs", referring to an Icelandic expression) is the fifth studio album of Icelandic band Todmobile. After releasing Spillt in 1993, the band disbanded, but Þorvaldur and Andrea continued to work together on the light pop band Tweety. In 1996, Þorvaldur and Andrea realised that the new material they had was far more in the spirit of Todmobile than Tweety. So the band was called together again for the new album - excluding Eyþór, who chose to continue work on his band Bong, though he did add some musical contribution to the album.

Track listing

  1. Englaregn (Rain of angels)
  2. Tíu fingur upp til guðs ''(Ten fingers up to God) - this is an Icelandic expression meaning 'I swear'.
  3. Voodooman
  4. Tími (Time)
  5. Gróa á Leiti (Gróa at Leiti) - in Icelandic, rumour is often attributed to the fictional character Gróa á Leiti. So, the title could translate as simply "Gossip".
  6. Sjáðu (See)
  7. Þula (Verse)
  8. Er það satt? (Is it true?)
  9. Hann var jú geimvera (After all, he was an alien)
  10. Ástin er mér allt (Love is all to me)

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