Percopsidae is a family of fish in the order Percopsiformes. Its living members are two North American fresh water species of the genus Percopsis, trout-perch Percopsis omiscomaycus (Walbaum 1792) and sand roller Percopsis transmontana (Eigenmann & Eigenmann 1892).


Trout perch are silvery-transparent in appearance. Specimens found in the US range from 76-102 mm while ones found in Canada can get as big as 152 mm. These fish live 3-4 years in shallow lakes and streams, hiding among rocks. They survive on chironomids, ephemeropterans, amphipods, and small fish.

Sand roller

Similar in appearance to trout-perch, although shorter and stubbier, sand rollers grow up to 9.6 cm and live up to 6 years in slow-moving, sandy-bottomed streams and rivers among vegetation. Their diet includes Diptera and Trichoptera, although juveniles also have been known to eat crustacean zooplankton.


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