Pepperpot (Monty Python)

Pepperpot (Monty Python)

Pepperpot is a term created by Monty Python member Graham Chapman to describe a class of character frequently appearing in the group's comedy sketches.

Pepperpots are middle-aged housewives, usually British, portrayed by a male member of the group dressed as a woman and speaking in a screeching falsetto. Pepperpots typically have farcical names; examples include "Mrs. Premise," "Mrs. Conclusion," "Mrs. Cutout," "Mrs. Concrete," "Mrs. Smoker," "Mrs. Non-Smoker," "Mrs. Gorilla," "Mrs. Non-Gorilla," "Mrs. Thing," "Mrs. Entity," "Mrs. Mock Tudor" or "Mrs. Elizabeth III."

The Pepperpots made a prior appearance in How to Irritate People, whose cast included John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Michael Palin. Here, Cleese demonstrates how their name derives from their convex shape.

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