The Pentadrians are a fictional religious group in the book series Age of the Five by Trudi Canavan They apparently worship either dead or false Gods. Like the Circlians they worship a Pantheon of five Gods. They, again like the Circlians, have five avatars, who act as Voice the Gods. Unlike the Circlians, the Pentadrians do not call their five avatars The White after their style of dress, but instead call them the Voice of the Gods, due to their role.

Voices of the Gods:

  • Nekaun, (formerly Kuar),First Voice
  • Imenja, Second Voice (Has a Companion(an advisor and assistant)formerly Thar, now Reivan)
  • Vervel
  • Genza
  • Shar

The Pentadrians have been known to use bewitched and ensorcelled creature to do their bidding, such as a pack of giant Vorns (wolf-like animals).

The status of their Gods is in question, as Auraya of the White saw a glowing manifestation appear before a member of the Voice. Pentadrian Gods:

  • Sheyr (God of Prosperity/King of the Gods)
  • Hrun (Goddess of Love/Giver of Life)
  • Alor (God of Warriors/The Warrior)
  • Ranah (Goddess of Fire, though in Last of the Wild it mentions her as Goddess of the Moon -- 'Fire' represents the sun)
  • Sraal (God of Wealth/ The Soul Trader)

In Voice of the Gods, it is revealed that the Pentadrian gods (Sheyr, Hrun, Alor, Ranah and Sraal) do exist, and are in just the Circlian gods in disguise.

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