Penn (Tamil drama)

Penn (Tamil drama)

Penn is a Tamil drama serial which airs on India's Sun TV network. It first aired in 2006 and is directed by well-known director CJ Baskar, who also directed the hit megaserials, "Chitti" and "Annamalai".


Ranganayaki (portrayed by veteran Tamil actress Seetha) is the successful and wealthy Managing Director of Kadambam Food Products (KFP). She lives with her elderly father and three children: Bharani, Karthik and Swathi. However, her apparently happy life is really just the veneer of her true sorrow. As a young woman, Ranga married her lover, Badri in secret because he was of a lower status. Her best friend Kala, whom Badri was supposed to marry, sacrificed her own happiness so that Ranga could be with Badri. Unfortunately, Badri went to the Middle East and did not return for some time. Shortly after his departure, Ranga discovered that she was pregnant and had to give up their baby son to Kala to raise. When her elder sister died in childbirth, she made Ranga promise to look after her three children, whom Ranga brought up as her own without them knowing that she is not their biological mother.

Unfortunately, the three children are ungrateful and more interested with their inheritance. One day, Ranga prevents a strange girl from committing suicide and takes her to live with her. The girl at first refuses to reveal her name, and Ranga names her Deepa. However, eventually Deepa tells her story in flashback - how her life was ruined by three college students, Manohar,Ravindar and Akash culminating in the deaths of her parents and sister. Ranga is stunned to realise one of the students is none other than her biological son Akash, but does not reveal this to Deepa for fear Deepa will take revenge on her only child.

However, as time passes, Ranga realises the gravity of how Akash tormented Deepa and is torn between helping her new friend and protecting her son.

Deepa falls for Kasi (Ranganayaki's driver)'s son Kailash and they both hit it off but unfortunately it didn't work out because Poongodi (lives near Kailash) loves Kailash and married him (well ties a thali round herself). The viewers, like me, were probably disappointed that Deepa and Kailash didn't get together because Kailash had strong feelings for Deepa right from the beginning. Poongodi ties a thali round herself because Kailash didn't want to marry her and also in his horoscope it saya that his first wife will die and she thinks that is she marries him then she'll die and because Kailash hates her then he will go on to marry Deepa and they will live together forever but if he marries Deepa first then Deepa will die and then he wouldn't want to marry anyone else and his lfe will get spoilt. In the end KAilash finds out all of this and he is willing to take on Poongodi as his wife because of the sacrifice she wanted to make.


In addition to Seetha, the serial also stars:

  • Viji Chandrasekar (Kala)
  • Meera Vasudevan (Deepa)
  • Ajay Ratnam (Badri)
  • Dr Sharmila (Uma)
  • Latha (Mohini)
  • Vishwa (Akash)
  • Delhi Ganesh (Kasi)
  • Prajin (Kailash)
  • Supriya (Poongodi)
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