Pencey Prep

Pencey Prep

Pencey Prep was a band formed by the ex-members of punk bands Sector 12 (Riverside Riot Records) and Stick Figure Suicide (Umbilical/Reinforcement Records). The band consisted of: Frank Iero (Lead vocals, guitar), Shaun Simon (Keyboards, Moog), John McGuire (Hambone) (Bass, vocals), Neil Sabatino (Guitar, vocals), and Tim Hagevik (Drums, percussion). They played a mix of punk, emo and indie rock. The band's name is from the book The Catcher In The Rye, as stated in the band's MySpace. Pencey Prep was the name of the school that the main character, Holden, got kicked out of. The band's line up included 2 guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and vocals and has been compared to the band The Anniversary. Pencey Prep officially released their only album to date Heartbreak in Stereo on Eyeball Records in fall 2001, and disbanded shortly thereafter. Pencey Prep played shows with bands like Nada Surf, The Strokes, Thursday, New Found Glory, Brand New and many more. After the band broke up, it became difficult for new fans to find the CD. Eyeball Records re-released it in early 2007.

Frank Iero would go on to be one of two guitarists and a backup vocalist for the band My Chemical Romance and lead vocalist for LeATHERMOUTH. John "Hambone" McGuire and Neil Sabatino went on to play in the band Fairmont. In 2005, John Mcguire formed Brine and Bastards, a pirate influenced band, which released their first cd in February 2008.

Band Members

  • Shaun Simon - Keyboards, Moog
  • John McGuire [Hambone] - Bass, Vocals
  • Frank Iero - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Neil Sabatino - Guitar, Vocals
  • Tim Hagevik - Drums, Percussion



  • "Attention Reader" (at the time under the name "I Am a Graveyard") - 5:24
  • "Rebuilding Home"
  • "Heroine Slow" - 3:55
  • "Home" - 4:11
  • "The Secret Goldfish" (acoustic version) - 4:38

"Heroine Slow", "Home", "P.S. Don't Write" and "The Secret Goldfish" are all currently available on the band's MySpace.



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