Peire Vidal

Peire Vidal

Vidal, Peire, fl. 1180-1206, Provençal troubadour, b. Toulouse. He spent much of his career in S France and traveled widely in Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Spain, and Malta. Richard I (Richard Cɶur de Lion) was one of his patrons. A high-spirited gallant, Vidal involved himself in numerous escapades. His poems, excellent examples of troubadour love poetry, are notable for their strong personal feeling and simple style.
Peire Vidal (1175 – 1205) was a troubadour. According to his biography, he was the son of a furrier, and the greatest of singers.

Peire started his career as a troubadour in the court of Raimon V of Toulouse and was also associated with Viscount Barral of Marseille, King Alfonso II of Aragon and Boniface of Montferrat. He may have taken part in the Third Crusade. He was described as an erratic character, and a malicious gossip.

Forty-five of his songs have been preserved to this day. The twelve that still have melodies bear testament to the deserved nature of his musical reputation.


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