Peipus, Lake, Estonian Peipsi Järv, Rus. Chudskoye Ozero, c.1,390 sq mi (3,600 sq km), dividing Estonia from the W Pskov region, Russia. Its southern section is known as Lake Pskov. Lake Peipus, which is navigable, empties through the Narva River into the Gulf of Finland. On the frozen strait between Lake Peipus and Lake Pskov, Alexander Nevsky defeated the Livonian Knights in 1242.
Estonian Peipsi Järv

Lake, north-central Europe, forming the boundary between Estonia and Russia. Lake Peipsi is 60 mi (97 km) long and 31 mi (50 km) wide, and it is frozen for half of the year. In 1242 the Russians, under Alexander Nevsky, defeated the Teutonic Knights (see Teutonic Order) on the frozen lake in the “Battle on the Ice,” forcing the order to relinquish claims to Russian lands.

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