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Islands of Indonesia

Indonesia comprises 17,508 islands (based from "Seminar Nasional Penetapan Nama Pulau-pulau Kecil Dalam Presektif Sejarah or "National Seminary of Name For Little Islands From History Side", July 16 to 18 at Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia, now we know they have a new amount of the islands total, 8.844 that have been named) according to Indonesian government estimates, with about 6,000 of those inhabited. The country extends from adjacent the Malay Peninsula in its west and into Melanesia in its east. According to a 2002 survey by National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Indonesia has 18,306 islands. Counting tidal islands (periodically submerged) doubles the island figure, and many islands with no name or the same names, making it very confusing even to the government of Indonesia.

Management of the islands sometimes includes a Regency (Indonesia) covers a small island chain.

On September 21, 2007, an 8.4 Earthquake struck Sumatra near South Pagai Island, producing a cluster of 6 small new islands, and enlarging others by uplift. A large portion of Indonesia is seismically active, the number, size, shape of islands continues to evolve.

Main islands

Other islands


Province of Banten

  • Deli
  • Manuk
  • Panaitan
  • Panjang
  • Sangiang
  • Tunda
  • Umang

Province of DKI Jakarta

  • Thousand Islands archipelago (Kepulauan Seribu) 105 islands. Only 11 islands are inhabited.
    • Angel (Pulau Bidadari)
    • Ayer
    • Big Bira (Pulau Bira Besar)
    • Big Lancong (Pulau Lancong Besar)
    • Big Umbrella (Pulau Payung Besar)
    • Boy Scouts (Pulau Pramuka)
    • Cipir
    • Coconut (Pulau Kelapa)
    • Edam
    • Great Tiger (Pulau Macan Besar)
    • Hope (Pulau Harapan)
    • Karya
    • Kelor
    • Kotok
    • Lucky Java (Pulau Untung Jawa)
    • Onrust
    • Panggang
    • Pantara
    • Rainbow (Pulau Pelangi)
    • Sebira
    • Sepa
    • Stingray (Pulau Pari)
    • Tidung

Province of West Java

  • Rakit

Province of Central Java

  • Karimun Java
  • Nusa Kambangan - prison island

Province of East Java


Province of Aceh, 119 islands

Province of North Sumatra, 419 islands

Nias archipelago (Kepulauan Nias)

  • Mause
  • Onolimbu
  • Siite
  • Wunga
  • Hinako archipelago (Kepulauan Hinako)
    • Asu
    • Bawah
    • Bögi
    • Hamutala
    • Herwanga
    • Hinako
    • Imana
    • Langu
  • Batu archipelago (formerly Batoe Eilanden), 51 islands
    • Tello
    • Sibaranun
    • Sigata
    • Sipika
    • Lorang
    • Biang
    • Pini
    • Lagu
    • Bias
    • Tanah bala
    • Tanah masa
    • Penang
    • Makolo
    • Bojo
    • Simuk
  • Berhala island on the Strait of Malacca
  • Hamutaia
  • Imanna
  • Jake
  • Lego
  • Makole
  • Masa
  • Samosir island on Lake Toba
  • Sigata
  • Simaleh
  • Wunga
  • Province of West Sumatra

    Province of Lampung

    • Child of Krakatoa (Pulau Anak Krakatau)

    Province of Riau

    Province of Riau Islands, about 3,200 islands

    Province of Bangka-Belitung Islands


    Province of East Kalimantan

    Province of South Kalimantan

    Province of Central Kalimantan

    Province of West Kalimantan


    Province of North Sulawesi

    Province of Central Sulawesi

    Province of South Sulawesi

    Province of Southeast Sulawesi

    Lesser Sunda Islands

    Province of Bali

    Province of West Nusa Tenggara

    Province of East Nusa Tenggara


    Province of Maluku

    Small volcanic islands in the Banda Sea

    • Nila
    • Serua
    • Teun

    The province of North Maluku

    Small volcanic islands in North Maluku

    New Guinea

    Islands on the west of the main New Guinea island

    Province of West Papua

    610 islands, 35 inhabited

    North of New Guinea Island:

    Other islands in West Papua Province:

    within Cenderawasih Bay:

    in Sebakor Bay:

    in Kamrau Bay:


    • Sabuda (near Fatagar Tuting cape)

    Province of Papua:


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