Pedal prix

Pedal prix

The Australian International Pedal Prix is an annual event held in Murray Bridge, South Australia. The event exclusively features HPV's (human powered vehicles) in a 24 hour race around a closed circuit. Teams from around Australia and internationally compete against each other in the endurance race which contains over 200 teams.


The Australian International Pedal Prix has 3 races in the series. Two of these are 6 hour races at Victoria Park, Adelaide. In September Murray Bridge hosts the 24 hour race which sees teams from all over the world compete for top spot. The races have been running for over 20 years.


The 6 hour races in Victoria Park, Adelaide are held in May and July. The fastest teams achieve distances of over 200 km by the end of these races. The track itself uses the southern hairpin and start line of the V8 supercar circuit. The total track distance is 1.5 km.

Murray Bridge

The series concludes in September in the big 24 hour race at Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge. The track is just over 2 km long and is flooded with over 200 teams. The race start at 12:00 on the Saturday and concludes at 12:00 on the Sunday of the weekend. Teams achieve distances of over 900 km in this time, and in the 2007 race there were gail force winds that caused the race to be canceled an hour early to make it a 23 hour race.

The 2008 event was won by 'Tru Blu' racing team.

Aberfoyle Hub Primary School took the honours in the primary school category.


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