Peanuts & Corn Records

Peanuts & Corn is a Canadian independent record label, releasing hip hop recordings since 1994. They have also been a distributor of Canadian hip hop releases since 2002.

Founded in Brandon, Manitoba by Rod Bailey AKA mcenroe, the label has since relocated to, first Winnipeg, Manitoba, and later Vancouver, British Columbia, where it is now based. To date, there have been over 40 releases on Peanuts & Corn, and many more on affiliated and subsidiary labels throughout Canada and the world.

As of summer 2005, Peanuts & Corn remains active in the Canadian hip hop music scene, and with the founding of sister-company Breadwinner Music Group, its influence in Canada and abroad will only continue to expand.

Artists with Releases on P&C Include:

P&C Imprints and Affiliations Include:

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