Peak power

Castle Peak Power Station

Castle Peak Power Station is the biggest coal fired power station in Hong Kong. It was opened in 1982, with its newest generation unit opened in 1990. It consists of four 350 MW and four 677 MW generating units, with auxiliary facilities.It is one of the three power stations CLP operates in Hong Kong with total installed capacity of 6,908MW. Together with power CLP obtained from the Guangdong Nuclear Power Station in Shenzhen and the Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station at Conghua, both in Mainland China, the total installed generating capacity of CLP is 8,888 MW

Located in Castle Peak Tuen Mun, it was built for China Light and Power with a 40% stake (60% by Exxon Mobil) and its installed generation capacity is 4108 megawatts at Castle Peak.

In 2007 Castle Peak burned 9 million tonnes of coal of which, according to CLP, 4.6 million tonnes was low sulphur coal from Indonesia.

The power station has been undertaking a range of programmes to improve emission performance, including refurbishing burners to reduce emission of nitrogen oxide, installing FGD and nitrogen oxide equipment


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