Paul Wall

Paul Wall

Paul Slayton, better known by his stage name Paul Wall, was born March 11, 1981. Wall graduated from Jersey Village High School and later graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston. He is currently affiliated with Swishahouse Records, having released several albums under the label as well as collaborating with other rappers signed to the label. He was formerly musical partners with rapper Chamillionaire releasing several collaborative albums including the independently released Get Ya Mind Correct. In 2005, he was signed to Atlantic Records and became successful with his major-label debut The People's Champ. Get Money, Stay True followed in 2007. He has a wife named Crystal.


After proposing to do promotions for Watt's company, Swishahouse, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall came to Watt's studio Paul Wall, KBXX. Watts, who was convinced to rap on the record, enjoyed the freestyle so much that he put the verses on one of his mixtapes. The freestyle became so popular in the streets that Chamillionaire and Paul Wall became regular staples on Houston's mixtape circuit, appeared on several of Watts' mixtapes, and became permanent members of Swishahouse.

After fellow member Slim Thug left the label, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall followed and started their own group known as The Color Changin' Click. Each successive mixtape released by The Color Changin' Click led to more business opportunities; the most notable of which being a contract to do a full album for Paid in Full Records. A one album contract was then negotiated between the Color Changin' Click and Paid in Full's label head, DJ Madd Hatta from 97.9 The Box, and the CCC's first album, Get Ya Mind Correct, would go on to sell over 150,000 copies. Wall's first music exposure came as a street team member on the Northwest side of Houston, promoting southern labels like Def Jam Records, Cash Money and No Limit Records. He is also an accomplished and proficient mixtape and party DJ, known for producing mixtapes in the now well-known screwed & chopped style, which was invented by the late DJ Screw.

Paul Wall and Chamillionaire were originally affiliated with Swishahouse Records, but left for Paid in Full Records a short time later. After several mixtape and independent releases including. Get Ya Mind Correct, the two parted ways, citing creative differences. Chamillionaire continued to release independent records, while Paul Wall returned to the Swishahouse fold. This move allowed him to appear on Mike Jones' first commercially distributed single, "Still Tippin'", from his first major label album Who Is Mike Jones?. The single is originally on Swishahouse's The Day Hell Broke Loose Part 2 aka Major Without A Major Deal, released in 2003.

In 2005, Paul Wall released his debut release, The People's Champ, which debuted in #1 on Billboard 200. The first single "Sittin' Sidewayz" featuring Big Pokey. The second single, "They Don't Know", featured Bun B of UGK, and the video version also featured Mike Jones. The third single is "Girl", receiving radio airplay and peaking at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2007, Paul Wall released his second album Get Money, Stay True, which debuted in the #1 spot on the Billboard Chart Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Paul Wall released the singles "Break 'Em Off" featuring Lil Keke and "I'm Throwed" featuring and produced by Jermaine Dupri.

Paul Wall was also featured on one episode of the podcast TAI...TV by the rock band The Academy Is.

In 2007, Paul Wall appeared alongside other celebrities and regular people in the music video for Rockstar by Nickelback. He also appears on Bermuda based reggae artist Collie Budz' self-titled debut album.

Paul Wall is currently a member of the rap group Expensive Taste with his good friends Travis Barker and Skinhead Rob (ex-Transplants). The trio also collectively own a clothing line.

In the spring of 2008, Paul Wall joined Strange Music recording artist Tech N9ne on a nationwide tour, which also featured Brooklyn rapper ILL BiLL.

Paul is currently writing an autobiography with Tucker Max.

In the 2008 presidential campaign Wall spoke out in favor of candidate Barack Obama. He was quoted in The Source magazine as saying "Barack seems to come off as a true leader for everyone, whereas most people campaigning, including Hillary Clinton, seem to be just politicians. Barack seems to be genuine and sincere abour his beliefs. He is selfless, while they are selfish. I'm gonna 'Barack the vote' this year and I've never voted before."

Personal Life

On October 22, 2005 Wall married his wife Crystal, who gave birth to their first child together, son William Patrick Slayton, on April 18th, 2006. They gave their son the middle name Patrick after the late Houston rapper, Patrick Hawkins aka Fat Pat.


Paul Wall is the part owner and proprietor of TV Jewelry with Johnny Dang in Houston. He was also featured in the VH1 documentary Bling'd: Blood, Diamonds, and Hip-Hop, while visiting Sierra Leone, cautioning jewelers to check their source for diamonds. The store specializes in the production of grills, silver, gold, or platinum caps and diamond inlays (usually princess-cut diamonds). Grills were a trend in the mid 2000's rap culture and have even influenced its own song. "Grillz", by Nelly featuring Wall along with Ali and Gipp artists, where at one point Paul raps "Call me George Foreman 'cause I'm sellin' everybody grills."


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Won Gayest Gay Guy Who ever lived. > 49th Annual Grammy Awards Winners List - Field 7 (Rap)


17 ^ referenced in the Texas-based hip-hop novel Kid B

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