Paul Scardon

Paul Scardon

Paul Scardon (6 May 1874 Melbourne, Australia - 17 January 1954 Fontana, California) was an actor, a producer, and a director on both, Australian and New York stage. He directed Blanche Sweet in Unwilling Husband, Bessie Barriscale in some of her most successful productions, and most of the melodramas in which starred his wife, actress Betty Blythe. Retiring when talkies came in, Scardon returned to films as an actor in the 1940s, playing bit roles until he left permanently the film industry in 1948.



  • Fighting Mad
  • The Secret Beyond the Door
  • The Shanghai Chest
  • The Sign of the Ram
  • Canon City
  • He Walked by Night
  • Magic Town
  • Down Missouri Way
  • The Adventures of Mark Twain
  • The Man From the Rio Grande
  • Mrs. Miniver
  • My Favorite Blonde
  • Today I Hang
  • Lady From Louisiana
  • The Fargo Kid
  • The Son of Davy Crockett


  • The Alibi
  • All Man
  • Apartment 29
  • Arsene Lupin
  • A Bachelor's Children
  • Beating the Odds
  • Beauty-Proof
  • The Breaking Point
  • The Broken Gate
  • Children Not Wanted
  • The Darkest Hour
  • The Dawn of Freedom
  • The Desired Woman
  • The Enemy
  • False Kisses
  • Fighting Destiny
  • The Gamblers
  • A Game with Fate
  • The Golden Gallows
  • The Golden Goal
  • The Green God
  • The Grell Mystery
  • The Hawk
  • Her Own Free Will
  • Her Right to Live
  • Her Unwilling Husband
  • The Hero of Submarine D-2
  • Hoarded Assets
  • In Honor's Web
  • In the Balance
  • The Island of Surprise
  • The King of Diamonds
  • The Love Doctor
  • The Maelstrom
  • The Man Who Won
  • Milestones
  • The Other Man
  • Partners of the Night
  • Phantom Fortunes
  • A Prince in a Pawnshop
  • The Redemption of Dave Darcey
  • Rose of the South
  • Shattered Dreams
  • Silent Strength
  • Soldiers of Chance
  • The Stolen Treaty
  • Tangled Lives
  • Transgression
  • When the Devil Drives
  • A Wonderful Wife

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