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Paul Charles

Paul Charles

Morphy, Paul Charles, 1837-84, American chess player, b. New Orleans. At 10 he learned the game and at 21 was acknowledged as the greatest player in the world. Not only was Morphy possessed of a phenomenal memory, which he demonstrated in astounding feats of simultaneous blindfold play, but his style of play was in direct contrast to that of his time. He was a master of the open game, in which center pawns are exchanged, open files are utilized, and rapid development of the pieces is demanded. D. Harrwitz, J. Löwenthal, and Adolph Anderssen were among the many who succumbed to his crushing combinations. After 1859, when he had returned to New Orleans from world triumphs, mental instability ended his chessplay.
Paul Charles Michaelis was a Bell Labs researcher in magnetic bubble memory.

Michaelis was born June 18, 1935, received BSEE and MS Physics from Newark College of Engineering, spent 43 years with Bell Labs, primarily in Murray Hill and Whippany, retiring in 1996 as Technical Manager of the Advanced Vibration Reduction Design Group. His fields were mechanics, magnetics, fiber optics, electrical circuits, and device packaging. In his later career he managed efforts in underwater listening devices and equipment silencing for the United States Navy. Michaelis received the 1975 IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award "for the concept and development of single-walled magnetic domains (magnetic bubbles), and for recognition of their importance to memory technology." Guest Lecturer in Magnetics at the Soviet Academy of Sciences, 1972.

Selected works

  • Bonyhard, P.; Geusic, J.; Bobeck, A.; Yu-Ssu Chen; Michaelis, P.; Smith, J., "Magnetic bubble memory chip design", IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Volume 9, Issue 3, pages 433-436. September 1973.
  • Michaelis, P.; Richards, W., "Magnetic bubble mass memory", IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Volume 11, Issue 1, pages 21-25. January 1975.


Magnetic Bubble Detector Arrangement

Input for Single-Wall Domain Arrangement

Magnetic Bubble Packaging Arrangement

Micromanipulator for Multilevel Assembly

Magnetic Domain Propagation Device

Thermally Activated Bistable Switch

Readout Implementation for Magnetic Memory

Asynchronous Magnetic Circuit

Apparatus and Method for Making Low-loss Permanent Optical Fiber Splices

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