Patna High Court

Patna High Court

The Patna High Court (पटना उच्च न्यायालय) is the High Court of the state of Bihar. It was established on February 3, 1916 and later affiliated under the Government of India Act, 1915. The court is headquartered in Patna, the administrative capital of the state.

In the long years since its inception, it has carved a niche for itself in delivering justice, fearlessly and impartially. It has come a long way establishing itself as the guiding star for other branches of government.

History of Court

Proclamation made by the Governor-General of India on the March 22, 1912.The foundation-stone of the High Court Building was laid on Monday, December 1, 1913 by His Excellency the late Viceroy and Governor-General of India, Sir Charles Hardinge of Penshurst.The Patna High Court building on its completion was formally opened by the same Viceroy on February 3, [1916.Hon'ble Sir Justice Edward Maynard Des Champs Chamier was the first Chief Justice of Patna High Court.


  • 1912 - Proclamation made by the Governor-General of India on March 22, 1912.
  • 1913 - Foundation-stone of the High Court Building was laid on December 1, 1913.
  • 1916 - The Patna High Court building completed on February 3, [1916. The High Court actually commenced work from March 1, 1916.
  • 1948 - The Patna High Court exercised jurisdiction over the territories of that province till July 26, 1948, when a separate High Court was constituted for Orissa.
  • 1972 - The Patna High Court opened a Circuit Bench at Ranchi.
  • 1976 - The Circuit Bench of Patna High Court at Ranchi became Permanent Bench.
  • 2000 - The Circuit Bench of Patna High Court at Ranchi became the Jharkhand High Court on November 2000, under the Bihar Reorganisation Act of 2000.

The Chief Justice of Patna High Court

  • Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.M. Lodha is the current Chief Justice of Patna High Court. He assumed this office on 13th of May 2008.
  • Hon’ble Sir Edward Maynerd Des Champs Chamier is the first Chief Justice of Patna High Court.
  • Hon'ble Justice Mrs. Indu Prabha Singh is undivided Bihar's first lady justice.
  • Hon'ble Justice Mrs. Gyan Sudha Mishra, the second lady judge of Patna High Court, is the first woman Chief Justice of a high court from Bihar.
  • This High Court has given two Chief Justices of India, viz.
    • Hon'ble Mr. Justice Bhuvaneshwar Prasad Sinha, the 6th C.J.I.
    • Hon'ble Mr. Justice Lalit Mohan Sharma, the 24th C.J.I.

List of the Chief Justices of Patna High Court

Name of the Hon'ble Chief Justice From ( TO (
Hon'ble Shri R.M. Lodha 13.04.2008 current
Hon’ble Shri Rajesh Balia 05.01.2008 03.03.2008
Hon’ble Dr. J.N. Bhatt 18.07.2005 16.10.2007
Hon’ble Shri Ravi S. Dhavan 25.1.2000 22.7.2004
Hon’ble Shri B.M. Lal 9.7.1997 6.10.1999
Hon’ble Shri D.P. Wadhwa 29.9.1995 21.3.1997
Hon’ble Shri G.P. Patnaik 19.5.1995 11.9.1995
Hon’ble Shri K. Venkataswamy 19.9.1994 6.3.1995
Hon’ble Shri K.S. Paripoornan 24.1.1994 11.6.1994
Hon’ble Shri Bimal Chandra Basak 18.3.1991 21.10.1994
Hon’ble Shri Gangadhar Ganesh Sohani 24.10.1989 17.12.1990 Afternoon
Hon’ble Shri Shushil Kumar Jha 19.10.1989 23.10.1989
Hon’ble Shri Dipak Kumar Sen 1.5.1988 1.5.1989
Hon’ble Shri Bhagwati Prasad Jha 2.1.1988 2.1.1988 Afternoon
Hon’ble Shri Surjit Singh Sandhawalia 29.11.1983 27.7.1987
Hon’ble Shri Krishna Ballabh Narayan Singh 19.7.1976 12.3.1982 Afternoon
Hon’ble Shri Shyam Nandan Prasad Singh 3.10.1974 1.5.1976
Hon’ble Shri Nand Lall Untwalia 29.9.1972 3.10.1974
Hon’ble Shri Ujjal Narayan Sinha 5.9.1970 29.9.1972
Hon’ble Shri Satish Chandra Mishra 9.11.1968 5.9.1970
Hon’ble Shri Ramaswamy Lakshmi Narasimhan 4.1.1965 2.8.1968 Afternoon
Hon’ble Shri Vaidyanathier Ramaswami 30.4.1956 4.1.1965
Hon’ble Shri Sudhansu Kumar Das 10.1.1955 30.4.1956
Hon’ble Shri Syed Jafar Imam 3.9.1953 10.1.1955
Hon’ble Shri David Ezra Reuben 1.6.1952 2.9.1953
Hon’ble Pandit Lakshami Kant Jha 8.4.1950 1.6.1952
Hon’ble Sir Herbert Ribton Meredith 25.1.1950 8.4.1950
Hon’ble Sir Clifford Monmohan Agarwala 9.1.1948 24.1.1950
Hon’ble Sir Syed Fazl Ali 19.1.1943 14.10.1946
Hon’ble Sir Arther Trevor Harries 10.10.1938 19.1.1943
Hon’ble Sir Courtney Terrell 31.3.1928 6.5.1938
Hon’ble Sir Thomas Fredrick Dawson Miller 31.10.1917 31.3.1928
Hon’ble Sir Edward Maynerd Champs Chamier 1.3.1916 30.10.1917


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