Island: Fogo
Municipality: São Filipe
Distance from the island capital: about 20 km east
of São Filipe
about 200 m

Patim (in Cape Verdean Creole, written in ALUPEC: Patin), is a village located approximately 5 km east of the island capital of Sao Filipe in the island of Fogo, Cape Verde. Figueira Pavão are linked the road encircling the island as well as a road to its attractions and to Monte Grande. Since 1990 it split from the municipality of the island name to become a part of São Filipe.

Nearest Places


The area around Patim contains farmlands within the village, forests and grasslands are rare except for within the coastline. The mountain known as Chã das Caldeiras located to the northeast. The living standards are in the low range as well as its income, one time, there were no money until the late-20th century. The village is in the island's low class. Much of its population are farmers and are based in agriculture where banana plantations, pineapple and other crops are common. However, a part of the needy materials comes from the island capital, nearby Cova Figueira, the island capital and the diaspora. But for other needs, electricity, communications and appliances are partially available in the area as well as phone lines since the mid to late-20th century. A part of the necessities also comes from the island capital.

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