Parshatatar, or Paršatar, the name of a Hurrian king of Mitanni in the fifteenth century BC. He may be the very same individual as king Barattarna.


Barattarna, also spelled Parattarna, was a king of the Hurrian kingdom of Mitanni in the fifteenth century BC. He may also be identical to a king called Parsatatar.

None of his own records have yet been found, but his name is mentioned in a record from Nuzi dated to "when king Barattarna died and was cremated". More information is included in the biography of Idrimi of Alalakh. Barattarna ruled over the Hurrians and made Idrimi his vassal. Mitanni in his time probably extended as far as Arrapha in the east.

Barattarna may have been the Mitannian king the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III encountered by the river Euphrates in his campaign of year 1447 BC. This can however only be deduced by comparing the chronology of ancient Egypt and Mitanni at a later date and working back the figures.

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