Paris (Putumayo album)

Paris (Putumayo album)

Paris is a 2006 compilation of French chanson music by label Putumayo. It contains tracks by various artists.

Track listing

All tracks are performed by their respective composers, unless indicated otherwise.

  1. Au Café de la Paix - 4:03 (Thomas Fersen)
    • From the 1995 album Les Ronds de Carotte. Produced by Warner Music France.
  2. Samba de Mon Ćoeur Qui Bat - 3:52 (Performed by Coralie Clément, written by Benjamin Biolay)
    • From the 2002 album Salle des pas Perdus. Produced by EMI Music France.
  3. Dites Moi Tu - 4:42 (Performed by Karpatt, written by Fred Rollat)
    • From the 2002 album A L'Ombre du Ficus. Produced by Productions Speciales.
  4. Quelqu'un M'a Dit - 2:43 (Performed by Carla Bruni, written by performer and Lamonde Carax)
    • From the 2002 album Quelqu'un M'a Dit. Produced by Naive Records.
  5. Je Reste au Lit - 3:53 (Pascal Parisot)
    • From the 2000 album Rumba. Produced by Epic Records France.
  6. Jardin d'Hiver - 2:56 (Performed by Keren Ann, written by Benjamin Biolay, Keren Ann Zeidel)
    • From the 2000 album La Biographie de Luka Philpsen. Produced by EMI France
  7. Serre Moi - 3:46 (Performed by Tryo, written by Christophe Mali)
    • From the 2003 album Grain de Sable. Produced by Yelen Musiques.
  8. Lettre A P... - 3:29 (Performed by Paris Combo, written by Belle du Berry and David Lewis)
    • From the 2001 album Attraction. Produced by Universatl France.
  9. L'ongle - 2:59 (Performed by Presque Oui, written by Thibaud Defever and Marie-Hélène Picard)
    • From the 2005 album Sauvez les Meubles. Produced by Association Presque Oui.
  10. Ta P'tite Flamme - 3:52 (Amélie-Les-Crayons)
    • From the 2005 album Et Pourquoi les Crayons. Produced by Neomme.
  11. Les Pages - 2:37 (Performed by Myrtille, written by performer and Vanessa Gillet)
    • From the 2004 album Murmures. Produced by Universal France.
  12. Carpe Diem - 3:31 (Aldebert)
    • From the 2004 album "L'Année du Singe. Produced by Warner Music France.


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