Parapsicephalus (meaning "beside arch head") was a genus of rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur from the early Toarcian-age Lower Jurassic Alum Shale of Whitby, Yorkshire, England. It is known from a partial skull lacking the snout, but including a detailed cast of the brain. Despite this, it is an obscure genus.

It was collected in the 1880s by Reverend D.W. Purdon, who is honored in the species name, and first described by E.T. Newton, who named it as a species of Scaphognathus. It was recognized as a distinct genus only decades later, although in a recent popular publication it was synonymized with Dorygnathus without comment. It is considered to be a rhamphorhynchid, of medium size (estimated wingspan of ~1 m ~[3.3 ft]).


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