Parantica nilgiriensis

Parantica nilgiriensis

The Nilgiri Tiger (Parantica nilgiriensis) is a butterfly found in the Western Ghats and Nilgiri hills of southern India belonging to the Danaid group of the Brush-footed butterflies family.


From Bingham, C. T. (1905) Fauna of British India. Butterflies Vol. 1

Upperside fuliginous black with bluish-white markings and spots. Forewing; two streaks in interspace 1, coalescent at base and generally at their apices, a narrow streak, with two faintly indicated streaks above it, in cell; five discal spots and above them a long streak in interspace 5; a shorter one in 6; some coastal spots and subterminal and terminal series of spots, the former series curved inwards opposite apex of wing, the four lower spots conspicuously larger than the others; the latter series incomplete, the spots small. Hind wing: interspaces la, lb, and 1 with narrow streaks, double In the last; tbe cell with a much broader, outwardly bluntly pointed streak, and beyond this in the interspaces a radiating series of elongate spots with a sub terminal series of smaller spots and a terminal very incomplete series of dots. Underside similar, ground-colour browner, the spots more clearly defined. Antennae black ; head and thorax black spotted with white; abdomen brownish above, dusky white below. Expanse: 82-84 mm


Habitat: Southern India; the Nilgiris; Malabar, and Travancore hills.


  • Bingham, C. T. (1905) Fauna of British India. Butterflies Vol 1.

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