Paranoid (2000 film)

Paranoid (2000 film)

Paranoid is a 2000 Indie film, directed by John Duigan, which was made for theatrical release but was later released directly to video. It stars Jessica Alba and Iain Glen.


Set in London, top model Chloe Keane (Alba) is asked to a dinner party in a house outside London by the man with whom she is having an affair (Ned). It turns out they are joined by rock star Stan and his family. After the dinner party, Ned leaves without Chloe, she has no ride home, so she decides to spend the night at the house. During the night, she wakes up and finds a tape of the residents of the house taking advantage of various drunken women. After being discovered, she is handcuffed to a bed and constantly threatened and toyed with, while at the same time her stalker (unknown until this part, Clive) finds out she is kidnapped and decides to find out where she is.

Chloe finds out that Ned actually delivers women to Stan because of Toby's closet full of skeletons that Stan knows about. They discuss what to do with Chloe, and decide to kill her. Clive finds where the house is due to a phone call he has with her, he follows Gordon and Stan as they leave with Chloe. While away, the police arrive at the house because of an anonymous call that Clive made; Rachel and Ned tell them where to find Chloe (who they plan on tossing off a cliff in the back of a car). Before they can apply that, however, Clive interrupts them and attempts to run them over. The police arrive, let Chloe out of the trunk and arrest Stan and Gordon. Clive drives off without anyone knowing what he did or who he was, it can only be assumed that Chloe has no idea the man stalking her saved her life.

In the final scene, Chloe calls her boyfriend (whom she cheated on in the first place) and says she wants to be with him, he agrees and after hanging up, it is revealed he is another one of her stalkers.



The film was released theatrically in Hong Kong, Belgium and Spain. Almost everywhere else it was released on video or premiered on TV. It had generally bad reviews.

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